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Brandon Good Leads Transformation in Model Coaching with Mastery Workshop

Brandon Good Leads Transformation in Model Coaching with Mastery Workshop
Photo Credited to: Brandon Good

By: Anne Schulze

From the serene surroundings of Western Pennsylvania to the glamorous heights of international fashion, Brandon Good, a renowned supermodel, is introducing his groundbreaking ‘Good Model Mastery‘ workshop to a broader audience.

Good’s ascent in the modeling world, sparked by his desire to make an impact, catapulted him to global recognition. His portfolio features collaborations with prestigious fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino, and he has made his mark on runways in major fashion capitals across the globe.

From Rural Roots to Global Runways

Good’s modeling journey speaks of the values he hopes to impart in his workshop, including perseverance and advocating for oneself. 

“Modeling is an art, a multi-sensory, multitasking job filled with endless possibilities,” Good reflects on his career, including memorable moments like starring in Troye Sivan’s music video, “Lucky Strike.”

Beyond the glitz of the fashion world, Good’s heart also lies with his charitable endeavors, notably his involvement with ‘Children of Promise.’ The Children of Promise is a crucial lifeline for kids affected by parental incarceration.

“My family wasn’t involved in fashion or modeling like some of my peers. I couldn’t tell you who Dolce or Gabanna was,” Shares Good, “I had to learn the hard way by failing. And given the competitiveness of the industry, I had to fail a lot.”

From Runway to Mentorship

Good’s vision for ‘Good Model Mastery’ is to create a space for aspiring models, especially those from smaller towns like Indiana, Pennsylvania. With plans to expand to the rural areas outside of New York City, the workshop is set to break barriers, offering a real-world experience of what it’s like to be an actual model.

An anonymous industry expert, however, offers caution: “While Good’s intentions are noble, the modeling world’s complexities require a nuanced understanding. It’s not just about talent; it’s about navigating a highly competitive and ever-changing landscape.”

But Good is adamant that his success is not an isolated case; with his guidance and expertise, he believes that others can also tread the path he once took. When citing his principles and values, Good quotes Cindy Crawford when saying that “modeling is 10% what you look like and 90% what you do with it.”

Carving Runways

Projected industry growth underscores the timeliness of Good’s initiative. Good Model Mastery is at the forefront of the coaching industry, which is estimated to reach a $20 billion market cap by 2026.

The workshop is not just about modeling; it’s about shaping individuals who can lead and inspire in the fashion world.

“We’re in the business of building dreams,” says Good, a dreamer himself. “Our goal is to empower, educate, and elevate the next generation of models.”

Through his empowering journey from a small-town hopeful to an international supermodel, Good is transforming the field of model coaching through his steadfast work commitment and philanthropy. He is not just training models but nurturing a new era where these individuals are as compassionate as they are talented. As the modeling industry evolves, Good’s vision and approach could set a new standard for success and influence in fashion.

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