Axman and Exberry: A Synergy for Capital Market Disruption
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Axman and Exberry: A Synergy for Capital Market Disruption

Leading exchange technology provider Exberry has been making strides in the Capital Markets landscape, empowering both established national stock exchanges and emerging market players, as well as enabling swift, cost-effective launch, scalability, and adaptability. Their trading systems and exchange infrastructure are driven by SaaS and are adaptable to various cloud environments, making them the go-to choice for capital markets seeking next-generation solutions, whether operating on-premises or in the cloud. 

Exberry’s prowess in state-of-the-art technology equips exchanges with the tools needed to thrive in today’s dynamic financial ecosystem. With solutions like a robust trading and matching engine, and a turnkey broker platform (Nebula), the company continues to foster agility and efficiency for market players.

Inside Exberry’s Progressive Leadership

Beyond its cutting-edge technology and modern solutions, Exberry prides itself on a progressive leadership culture that aims to continuously drive its growth and expansion. Far from resting on its laurels, the company takes a bolder and bigger step by recently welcoming esteemed sales executive and industry leader Ulf Axman as Chief Commercial Officer, aiming to expand the company’s rapid expansion and advancement.

“I am very pleased to join a success story in the early days, ” says Axman, “As a veteran of the industry looking toward the future of capital markets, I believe my background and knowledge will contribute to the global expansion of Exberry with its leading tech solutions and cloud capabilities next to its traditional offering. Together, I envisage a true disruption in our markets.”

25 Years of Industry Expertise

Ulf Axman boasts an impressive track record of 25 years, amassing a multitude of success stories as a seasoned sales executive. His extensive experience includes collaborating with renowned companies such as Cinnober, OMX, Chi-X, and Nasdaq, culminating in his most recent role at the London Stock Exchange.

Over the past two decades, he has focused on selling IT solutions to marketplaces and exchanges on a global scale, specializing in trading systems for exchanges and Central Counterparty (CCP) systems for clearing houses. In addition, he spent twelve years dedicated to selling IT solutions for the Swedish defense industry in international markets.

Axman’s financial services expertise includes business, technical, commercial, contractual, and cultural domains. His comprehensive skill set is a result of his in-depth involvement in multifaceted organizational processes, including marketing, sales, negotiations, contract management, delivery, support, and client relationship management.

Evolutionizing the Capital Markets Industry

Axman’s appointment as CCO signals a strategic move to accelerate the growth and evolution of this prominent disruptor in the Capital Markets arena. This step aims to combine Axman’s extensive financial industry expertise with Exberry’s technological excellence and expansion trajectory, laying the foundation for continued breakthroughs and triumphs within the industry.

Exberry Co-Founder and CEO Guy Melamed looks forward to a bright future for the company with Axman on board. “Due to his extensive industry experience and remarkable network, Ulf is the ideal candidate to assume the position of Exberry’s Chief Commercial Officer,” he says. His involvement will further propel the company’s mission of transforming the technological landscape of capital markets as we continue our journey of evolutionizing our industry including the new solutions we will introduce soon to the market.”

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