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Multidisciplinary Artist Ana Ferrari Draws Inspiration from her ‘Wind’ Sculpture to Create an Exclusive Collection for ANK Jewellery

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Artistic Jewellery is one of the most important cultural identity of a time. It is considered an art of expression rooted in a deep value of the most ancestors cultures in the world. 

Ana Ferrari, a creative artist has contributed to the field with her vision, as she believes the artistic jewellery is the myth on the representation of art in a daily life possibility as sculptures to be wear. She is a multidisciplinary artist with skills in sculpture, artistic installation, painting and jewellery designer.

The quality of work she does represents symbologies rather than only in the form, with most of her artwork depicting spiritual growth. Having explored five continents to understand the ritual materials like metals and gems, her creations have a deep cultural meaning hidden in them.

Lately, the multidisciplinary artist has been representing Brazil globally with her sculpture called ‘Wind’ which was exhibited during the 59th Venice Art Biennale. She developed the sculpture during her artistic stay at Azulik City of Arts – Tulum, Mexico, where she lived with the Mayan community to understand their way to connect with nature and its elements.

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The artwork by Ana Ferrari brings the meaning of wind learnt from the Mayans. She says, “Wind is intangible, and so is the spirit. We cannot see it, but we can feel it. As the sound of the wind enters our ears, it creates spiral movements in the body; thereby creating high vibrations and changing patterns. ” From the well-crafted sculpture, the artist got inspired to create an exclusive ‘Wind Collection’ from recycled 18K Gold with white, brown and black Diamonds. 

She has executed ancestral knowledge by using strong symbols and vibrational energies in the jewellery pieces. The art pieces created by Ana are similar to the concept of amulets worn by ancestors for healing the human body. In addition, a majority of her creations promote the use of recycled gold.

All the jewellery pieces designed by Ana are available at ANK Jewellery, an artistic space established by the multidisciplinary artist. Besides this, Ana Ferrari has created a Silver Cauccio Bracelet in the collection to donate 100% profit to the Amazon cause of GreenPeace. Her art pieces are up for sale by appointment in her atelier in São Paulo and in the official website as well on ANK Jewellery’s Instagram page ‘@_ankjewellery’ .

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