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Akshay Kumar Mehta’s Intuitive Marketing Agency Mehta Media Is Helping Solar Professionals Thrive in the Digital Age

Over the past few decades, society’s awareness of the undeniable value and importance of renewable energy sources has reached an all-time high. After all, focusing on sustainability not only helps save the planet and the environment but is also an excellent strategy for people who are looking for cost-effective alternatives. Because of this, the solar industry has skyrocketed, with countless players aiming to provide the community with reliable solutions. And while this is an excellent development, the market has become overly saturated with competition, making it more challenging for ventures to stand out and thrive.

Seeing the dilemma many of these promising brands face, visionary entrepreneur Akshay Kumar Mehta has created Mehta Media. It is a full-scale marketing agency dedicated to helping solar professionals and organizations dominate the industry. Specifically, the enterprise specializes in establishing the digital footprint of its clients. Moreover, it equips them with valuable knowledge, free tools, and resources to empower their prospects and scale their success. 

“We cover everything from SEO, website design, and social media marketing to influencer partnerships, branding, CRM tools for lead management, and an A to Z online presence establishment strategy, including content creation, video and text, and video editing plus posting,” explained the founder.

On top of its impressive list of services tailored to solar professionals, what makes the venture stand out is its impeccable ability to deliver results. Due to its unrivaled prowess for strategic marketing services, the agency is able to generate higher-quality leads within a 50-mile radius of each client. This then results in non-shared leads filling up each clients pipeline, allowing for increased conversion rates and more closes!

Mehta Media also pre-qualifies and vets each and every lead, sets appointments directly to the clients’ calendars and targets all areas the client serves. On top of all that, the company offers a variety of tools and resources to warm cold leads, including animated logos and business profiles, solar informational pamphlets, informational solar spokesperson videos, and a solar design app one can use to build an entire solar system right in-front of their prospects.

Mehta Media stays true to its advocacy for renewable energy and clean energy space. Hence, it partnered with Evertreen in its mission of planting 25 trees every month. To date, it has planted over 1000 trees in total, hoping to soon be able to plant a thousand every month. “This is our very small effort in helping the world become more green and slowly but surely healing Mother Earth,” Akshay shared. 

Aside from that, Mehta Media also nurtures an admirable culture of transparency, integrity, and authenticity. All these traits and values are evident in the systems and programs it sets up for its Solar clients. Due to these intuitive marketing strategies, the enterprise helps generate high-quality, unshared leads, allowing clients to start closing more deals. 

Asked to share what inspired him to create and develop such a comprehensive and holistic company, Akshay insightfully responded, “I noticed a cookie cutter formula being implemented in the industry, revolving around the agency owner’s goals and needs versus the users, yielding not only terrible results but a bad image for marketing agencies in the Solar space. Being a marketing agency owner myself looking to break into the Solar industry, I knew I had to do something different, genuine, and cost-effective that targeted the users’ pain points in order to establish my brand and gain trust. So I decided to study the market and understand core problems to develop realistic and reliable solutions, which is what we ended up doing!”

Moving forward, the inspiring entrepreneur intends to continue his advocacy of elevating the success of his clients. He also hopes to connect with more solar professionals looking to scale their businesses to greater heights. “At the core, I am a man who’s driven to make people’s lives easier in whatever way I can. Helping Solar professionals scale their businesses or grow in their careers gives me fulfillment, and the fact I am slowly removing the stain on the marketing agency image in this space is a huge plus; I know this will allow others to develop authentic solutions in the space just like I did,” shared Akshay. 


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