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A Continual Pursuit of Excellence: The Journey of Blake Evertsen

A Continual Pursuit of Excellence: The Journey of Blake Evertsen
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Blake Evertsen is a shining testament to the continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth. Founder of Evertsen Equity and co-owner of E2 Group, Blake personifies the quintessential entrepreneurial journey—one filled with ceaseless learning, persistence, and improvement. Blake is no mythical figure with all the answers; instead, he is a dedicated individual driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an unwavering commitment to empowering others.

Blake garnered formal education at Harvard University, earning a psychology degree in 2022. A seemingly unconventional choice for someone navigating the business landscape, this academic background gave him valuable insights into human behavior and cognition. This comprehension of psychological dynamics would later be a cornerstone of his unique approach within the funding acquisition and consultation sector.

The field of funding acquisition has been Blake’s professional playground for over three years. This seemingly short period, jam-packed with experiences, trials, and opportunities, has molded him into a seasoned expert. His journey within this space has not merely been about personal development but a consistent endeavor to share his expertise and mentor others.

At E2 Group, alongside other seasoned professionals, Eyad Abbas, Blake partakes in the mission of helping businesses access the funds they require for growth and advancement. This broader goal served as a catalyst for the inception of his specialized month-long funding consultation program. Designed to assist businesses in scaling their credit portfolios, this program has ushered over 250 clients toward financial success.

Blake’s consultation program is a culmination of his academic learning and professional expertise. Through this initiative, he guides businesses, arming them with the necessary strategies, tools, and insights to procure substantial growth. Blake’s unique approach, pairing his understanding of business financing with his study of psychology, allows his consultations and guidance to be truly tailored to each client’s individual needs.

His work at Evertsen Equity has produced significant results, enabling entrepreneurs to acquire capital with zero money down. Blake’s clients typically secure anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million, depending on their respective income and credit profiles. These outcomes further drive home Blake’s unwavering commitment to fostering the success of not just aspiring entrepreneurs but also established businesses seeking to expand their horizons.

An unmistakable thread of perseverance and dedication to improvement runs through Blake’s professional journey—never settling, continually learning, and consistently striving for better. Yet, alongside his growth, his passion and dedication to empowering other entrepreneurs are equally paramount.

Blake Evertsen’s entrepreneurial journey illustrates the reality that learning is a continuous process, irrespective of your level of expertise or field. Striving for daily enhancement and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Blake radiates the essence of an entrepreneur—always growing, always evolving.

Today, he stands not merely as an entrepreneur or business consultant but as an inspiring figure embodying the ethos of perpetual growth, endeavoring to impart the same to businesses through his guidance. Despite his accomplishments, Blake remains firmly grounded, stating that he is far from a know-it-all figure, ardently disassociating himself from the image of an internet guru. He is, in essence, a testament to the authentic and humble pursuit of continuous learning and growth.

You can learn more about Blake Evertsen and his work by visiting his social media platforms and websites: YouTube (@blakeevertsen), Instagram (@evertsenequity), Linkedin—Blake Evertsen, and his organizations’ website, From these platforms, glean deeper insights into Blake’s journey, his business philosophy, and his unique approach to technology, mental health, and entrepreneurial success. 

Blake’s story serves as a gentle reminder that the path to success is not a straightforward highway but a winding road filled with lessons, challenges, and invaluable experiences. His journey underscores the essence of entrepreneurship: the endurance of constant learning, the embrace of continuous growth, and a firm commitment to empower others along the way.

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