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“Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now What?” By Rory Graham – A Guide on Handling Parkinson’s

By: Seraphina Quinn

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most complicated mental illnesses that also severely affects your physical being. The disease usually begins to develop when an individual crosses 50 years of age. However, in some cases, it may occur in younger individuals. Due to a lack of awareness about the disease, patients and caregivers are not aware of what they are dealing with. Besides, it is not a completely curable disease, which makes it even more complicated.  

So, to assist the individuals and their caregivers dealing with Parkinson’s, Rory Graham has introduced his book “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now, What?” The book does not claim to treat the illness magically. Instead, it provides practical ways to manage it effectively. So, let’s delve in to find out what it offers! 

About the Author

Rory M. Graham is the author of the book “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now, What?” He wrote the book in memory of his loving wife, Zelia Graham, who fought with Parkinson’s for more than 23 years. During this time, Graham became a caregiver for his wife and learned a lot about the disease.  

For the purposes of learning and staying connected with the Parkinson’s support communities, he joined the local chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA). He remained a member of the board of directors for a decade. Besides, he also presided over the APDA chapter for three years. In addition, Graham and his wife also headed a support group for Parkinson’s patients in Virginia Beach for over a decade. 

Other Books by Rory Graham

Other than Rory Graham’s work for Parkinson’s communities, he is an accomplished writer. As of now, he has written four books, and all of them are related to Parkinson’s disease in one way or another.  

The first book, “Did I Tell You I Love You Today?” is a self-help book that is wrapped in a fictional story sharing the author’s own experiences and life lessons. The second book, “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now, What?” is an educational piece for anyone who wants to learn about the disease and how to manage it.  

Other than that, there is a book for caregivers, “Finding Light into the Darkness… A Caregivers’ Guide: Navigating the Medical Minefield,” and another self-help book, “Finding Happiness.” You can find all of these books on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and on Kindle. Besides, the first book is also available on Audible and iTunes in Kera O’Bryon’s amazing voice.  

How Does the Book Help Parkinson’s Patients and Caregivers?

Rory Graham believes that to fight Parkinson’s, you must learn as much as possible about it. It is critical because there is no permanent cure for the disease, but there are specific ways to manage it that may allow the patient to slow down the progression of the disease. Here’s why the book is helpful for patients and their caregivers.

1. Helps You Understand the Disease

The book shares all the details about this illness that will help you understand what you are dealing with. From its first definition by Dr James Parkinsons to its symptoms, the book covers it all comprehensively. By reading the book, you can learn how Parkinson’s starts developing and what are its initial symptoms. For instance, if a person suddenly starts to act out their dreams or become lethargic, it might be a sign of Parkinson’s.  

Besides, it also provides statistics that help you learn which group of individuals are more likely to develop Parkinson’s. In addition, you can comprehend which motor and non-motor skills will be affected by the disease.  

2. Busts the Myths About Parkinson’s 

People are generally not aware of the severity of this chronic illness. That’s why there are many misunderstandings and myths about it. For instance, many people think that other than medicines, you cannot do anything about Parkinson’s. Also, many people perceive that Parkinson’s is a fatal disease and you cannot live a normal life.  

However, this is not true. There are many diet plans and therapies that you can follow to improve your motor and non-motor capabilities. This book delves into the practical steps you can take to keep the patient’s condition in check.  

3. Emotional Effects of the Disease

Since the physical symptoms are so severe in Parkinson’s disease, the mental and emotional effects often get overlooked. Rory Graham’s book highlights this fact and provides various ways to keep oneself motivated for treatments and medical procedures.  

Moreover, it also reflects on the importance of the caregiver’s role. It emphasizes that as a caregiver, you should always be ready to face complex challenges with your loved one’s condition and become their emotional support in the entire process.

4. Treatments and Devices

People are also unaware of specific treatments and devices for Parkinson’s patients. It can be a hurdle for them to manage their symptoms. That’s why Graham says that you must gather as much information as possible to prepare yourself. The book “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now, What?” can be a helpful resource for learning it. It has compiled the information about the disease in a comprehensive way. It guides you about which treatments one may take according to their symptoms and devices that may assist patients in improving their living conditions.   

5. Diet Plans

It also highlights another neglected aspect, which is diet plans. According to Rory Graham’s book, a balanced diet plays a vital role in managing the symptoms. If a patient continually takes the right nutrition, they can slow down the progression of Parkinson’s. It gives you a chance to live life normally while keeping your condition in check.  

In this book, Rory Graham specifically discussed the Mediterranean diet, gluten-free diet, and the ketogenic diet.

The Book is Available on Amazon

The book “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now, What?” is an impressive resource for you if you are trying to learn about Parkinson’s disease. If you or your loved one is affected by the illness, it can provide you with essential guidance about what to do next. It clarifies the misconceptions and offers practical tips on how to manage symptoms.  

Currently, the book is published on Amazon Kindle. Also, it is available in hardback and paperback on Amazon. Besides, its audio version is in progress, and it will be available on iTunes and Audible. The book is likely to be narrated by Kera O’Bryon, who also narrated Rory Graham’s first book Did I Tell You I Love You Today.


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