Buckle Up for a Time-bending Journey Through the Pages With Author Stephen Jensen
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Buckle Up for a Time-bending Journey Through the Pages With Author Stephen Jensen

The science fiction genre has given us some of the most riveting and compelling story pieces throughout history. It is not just an art form but a platform that transcends the norms of what is possible within conventional storytelling. Whether it is expeditions to the Death Star or perhaps a long drive in a DMC DeLorean heading back to the future, each lore has evoked a universal fascination in people all over the world.

However, there is one work of fiction that is creating ripples through the fabric of the sci-fi genre that poses the all-important question:

What if you went to sleep, warm in your bed, only to wake up in a field of snow? 

What if the world’s modern-day Einstein and Da Vinci joined forces, manifesting into your new favorite power couple? 

Meet Julie Buckingham, the embodiment of “Beauty with brains,” and Micheal Hall, a descendant of King Arthur or the long lost “Lord of Avalon?”

When their paths cross in Orlando, an accidental TimeFall has them travel through centuries, hopping across some of the most dangerous periods the world has ever seen. Can the couple work together to withstand the dangers of high-class nobility, witch trials, and the intricate riddles of time to find their way back home?

The book’s beauty is not just in its immersive storytelling and larger-than-life characters but in its authentic depiction of the complexities and intricacies of time travel. 

Which makes you wonder, who is the mind behind the pages? Well, we sat down with author Stephen Jensen to take you behind the scenes of Avalon TimeFall.

The Mind Behind the Lore  

Behind every great story, there is a great mind. In this case, Stephen Jensen’s story begins in Salt Lake City, where weekend camping trips and outdoor adventures were a staple of his childhood. His earliest memory is of him waltzing between the shelves with his mom in the library. It became Stephen’s sanctuary, where he versed himself in history, geography, and science. With every turn of the page, Stephen became endlessly fascinated by the world around him. His mother taught him how to read when he was three, and from that point on, his undying love for literature began. 

Stephen wouldn’t just read books; he’d study them until he felt competent in them, which is also one of the reasons why his depiction of historical events, personalities, and scientific theories in Avalon TimeFall is authentic and accurate. 

He believes learning is a lifelong endeavor; hence, it is humbling to recognize the sheer scope of things to discover. 

Stephen was a child who grew up in poverty, which greatly limited his ability to go on adventures or explore the world firsthand. But this limitation didn’t bind his imagination. If anything, Stephen sought escapades and adventures he created in his mind. His daydreaming, immersive world-building, and engaging characters led to his masterpiece Avalon TimeFall. 

A Creative Journey

But the big question is, “What inspired the book Avalon TimeFall?” 

Stephen had been playing around with the book’s basic concept in his mind in what he likes to call “thought experiments” in high school. He routinely discussed these ideas with his friends, who encouraged him to turn them into a novel. One can say that was Stephen’s “eureka” moment. He then properly fleshed out the concept and put pen to page.

Writing became a form of release for Stephen, a way to give words to his thoughts. The author said his favorite part about the whole writing process was “Discovering the details of the story as I write.” 

Stephen was exploring a world while he was creating it. 

He describes his writing style as more of a gardener than an architect. He nurtures each character, narrative, and plot point and allows itself to sprout from the soil. He lets the characters guide the readers through their own story, and the chronicle follows their actions. These challenges and discoveries make the writing process enjoyable for writers and readers both.

Out of all his characters, we had to ask who was his favorite, to which he replied, “Does a parent really play favorites?” 

But he agreed he was really proud of his portrayal of Julie Buckingham. Her volatility and unpredictable demeanor shine through despite Micheal’s background being far more fascinating. He has also expressed a soft spot for the delightfully despicable Samuel Parris. 

Avalon TimeFall has set the bar for modern-day renditions of science fiction in terms of writing. Don’t miss out on one of the most glorious and mind-bending trips through the pages brought to you by Stephen Jensen.

Avalon TimeFall is now available on Amazon

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