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Josh Valjan on His Journey as an Artist Using Art to Communicate with the World

Creating art, for many artists, is an intentional and precise process. So often, many of them communicate through art and see every piece of artwork as something unique with strong feelings behind it. Josh Valjan (pronounced “Val-yawn”) embodies art creation with a purpose and message and is ready to build a brand to reflect that side of his artistry.

Josh Valjan’s journey into the art world is one of deep passion and love for drawing and creating art. He paints with intention and aims to communicate his message and feelings through his creations. “I put so much passion and dedication into my art. It’s about making those specific choices with brush strokes. Using different brushes and changing the direction of the brush strokes alters the painting, which is why no two similar artworks are the same to me,” Josh Valjan explained.

The intentionality behind his art is why he only creates original pieces. If anyone wants a copy, he simply offers them a high-quality digital scan of the same artwork. Josh Valjan’s art style carries deep meaning and intention. For every new commission, he works with the client and talks to them about what they want and why they want it. “My clients have been amazing, to be honest. They allow me to work on thought-provoking, deep, and meaningful projects, and I’m grateful for their support. My brand’s commitment toward creating high-quality, beautiful artwork is unwavering,” Josh said.

At the moment, Josh Valjan has a merchandise company through which he targets a specific audience. His private art collection has something for everyone, and he hopes people collect them, hang them in their private spaces, and show them off. He believes that artists can take some steps to get their artworks seen by reaching out to their local cultural alliances for collaborations.

With over 15 years in the art world, Josh Valjan is always willing to learn new techniques and create new projects. Building a private collection has always been his dream, and now, he’s already on that path with the numerous artworks he has already created. Beyond being just an artist, the Queens, New York City-raised creator is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. He is an active voice fighting for equal rights for everyone, hoping to see a world where nobody treats anybody differently because of who they are. “Being gay is the essence of who I am. Members of the LGBTQ+ community have it harder in life, in achieving success, and in the number of opportunities presented to us. When most of us open up about our sexual orientation, we are shunned by people we thought were our friends and family,” he revealed.

His goal is to encourage every budding artist never to stop creating art. “The world needs art, and even if you are not an artist yourself, the art world thanks you for appreciating art. Thank you for going to museums, art exhibits, and art auctions. I want to encourage readers that once you find your passion/passions, find out how to monetize them. If you love what you do and can make a living from it, you can have a great life. I also want people to recognize the value of their own lives, the value of their own art, and how much of an impact they have on the rest of the world. Let your light shine,” he said.

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