Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A new era in medical education; Medent Online want to meet doctors from all over the world.

Medent Institute, one of the world’s leading medical aesthetic education institutions, aims to reach physicians worldwide by carrying its training in many countries online.

Turkey-based Medent Institute plans to crown its pioneering position in medical aesthetic education with its new platform, ‘Medent Online’ The institution aims to expand its activities in countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, and Israel to the world through Medent Online. Sahire Berzah Dinç, one of the founders of Medent Institute, who is also a successful physician, used the following statements in her statement about new projects:

“It is a fact that medical physicians need continuous training and receive training from different organizations in their professional lives to improve themselves in this field. From this point of view, we have started another excellent project with Medent Institute. Here, we started to provide online training in a more detailed way to expand the resources before and after the face-to-face training of physicians. We offer this online training in a more understandable, rational, and different way by setting up the director’s stage and setting it with professional shots. With Medent Online, physicians can expand their knowledge before the subjects and improve by repeating themselves after the training. Before the face-to-face applied training we organized, we shared the lectures with our physicians and had a detailed preliminary study process. As a result, we have carried distance education beyond stereotyped standards by creating a very nice online platform that physicians practicing in certain fields can use to learn current techniques to improve themselves.”

In addition, Nejat Can, who has an international reputation in the field of medical aesthetics, is one of the world’s leading physicians in thread aesthetics and is also one of the Medent Institute educators, emphasized that online training is essential for medical training and provides continuity and time advantage to access scientific subjects. Nejat Can also stated that practice is critical in medical aesthetics and said that he is excited to reach doctors from all over the world in Medent Online with the staff of Medent Institute.

Medent Institute is a platform where thousands of physicians from numerous countries are successfully trained and has many international awards. Medent Institute was recently featured in the Times of Israel, one of Israel’s most influential newspapers, as “one of the most advanced medical institutes in the world”

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