Digital Marketing CEO Chans Weber Shares His Success Secrets

With a credit score that was once under five hundred and a previous experience with having his car repossessed, Chans Weber was not always successful. Determined to turn his life around, Weber was inspired to become a digital marketer. Chans turned a fifteen thousand dollar loan from his parents into a successful digital marketing agency, now passing eight-figure numbers in revenue. Here’s how he did it. 

Previously known as Leap Clixx, Weber founded his digital marketing company Agile & Co almost ten years ago in St. Louis, Missouri. Agile & Co is a digital marketing business that works by using unique sales tactics, tailoring a very purposeful approach that produces high results for clients by mastering solutions to their specific needs. Chans says, “Agile marketing empowers us as our clients’ partners to adjust strategies on a month-to-month basis in order to ensure that we are not only doing what’s best for our clients, but also to hold ourselves accountable.” This methodology works by looking at a customer’s exact budget, timeline, and goals. Identifying the low-hanging fruit and meeting with his clients one-on-one is one of the many ways Weber stays ahead of his competition.  

Helping others reach their full potential is Weber’s ultimate end goal, “Helping others is still the most rewarding feeling that a ‘wealthy’ person can ever experience,” he says. Weber is a successful digital marketer because he is a people’s person and recognizes the importance of being able to be relatable to his clientele. “When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, we are all human,” Weber says. Being able to break things down and earn his client’s trust, Agile & Co is able to keep a low turnover rate. Skipping the fancy marketing lingo with his consumers, Chans speaks in human language.

Company culture is also extremely important to Chans, and he emphasizes making sure his team knows their value. “I truly have a team that is better and smarter than I am,” Weber says. By using a unique hiring process and offering flexibility with his employees’ schedules, Chans has a loyal team working beside him. When Covid-19 hit, his company started losing millions. Watching his business crumble by the hour, Weber sat down with his team virtually and said, “The ship is sinking. You have one of two options: jump off or start scooping. My loyalty is to you, if you are to me.” Recovery wasn’t easy, but by keeping a positive attitude and focusing on moving forward, Agile and Co recovered. Weber has plans to expand his sales team in 2023.

Additionally, Weber is also a keynote public speaker. “Mentorship is everything,” he says. Appearing on a variety of television shows and podcasts, Chans wants to help motivate other young entrepreneurs and guide them to success. Recently featured on the popular podcast “The Playbook,” Chans shares a conversation with host, CEO David Meltzer. Listen to both entrepreneurs discuss effective business strategies and staying motivated on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.  

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