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How This 26 Year Old Business Coach Made Multiple-6 figures on Instagram & Built her Dream Life: An Interview with Coach Tiffany Taylor

How This 26 Year Old Business Coach Made Multiple-6 figures on Instagram & Built her Dream Life: An Interview with Coach Tiffany Taylor
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Tiffany Taylor, an emerging entrepreneur in the professional coaching and marketing consulting space, is making waves in the industry as she continues to improve her business and expand her reach. As a transformation coach, she specializes in bringing her clients from busy and overwhelmed to structured and secure so they can maximize profits while cutting work hours and burnout potential.

Interviewer: Thank you for joining us, Tiffany. Your success on Instagram is impressive, and we’re excited to learn more about your journey. To start, could you share with us what you had to overcome to become the Coach Tiffany Taylor we know today?

Tiffany: Thank you for having me! Throughout my journey, I have always been transparent about the mental health challenges and mindset barriers I encountered. Over the course of 12 years, I underwent therapy, during which I was diagnosed with various conditions, including Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Panic Attack Disorder (PAD), and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I had a big vision for what my life could look like and I refused to accept the notion that these diagnoses defined me or that relying on pharmaceuticals was the only path to functioning. Instead, I delved into understanding the intricacies of the brain and the remarkable power of the subconscious mind.

In my quest to not just cope but thrive and become the best version of myself, I fortuitously stumbled upon coaching. It was through coaching that I not only released repressed emotions but also rewired my brain to optimize my physical health, soul health, and wealth. I discovered what felt like a secret formula for success—a cheat code, if you will.

You see, most individuals encounter limiting behaviors, thoughts, and emotions on their journeys. Challenges such as distraction, negative self-talk, procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and imposter syndrome often plague them. The difficulty lies in lacking the neuro-psychological tools necessary to release and overcome these obstacles, leading to coping mechanisms that bear consequences.

Early on, I recognized that if I could pinpoint my areas of resistance, I could seek the guidance of a coach to help me swiftly break through those barriers in just a session or two, instead of passively waiting for them to dissipate on their own. This approach propelled me on a fast-track to success because, in the realm of business, the fear of public speaking, self-expression, and being seen had been my major stumbling block. Today, I proudly stand as a professional speaker who fearlessly shares my message on a daily basis through various social media platforms.

Interviewer: That’s powerful, thank you for your vulnerability in sharing that. Speaking of your coaching, what are some of your philosophies as a business coach?

Tiffany: As a coach, I have 5 core philosophies:

1 – Continuous Self-Improvement: I firmly believe that success is an ongoing journey of personal growth and development. It entails constantly striving to become the best version of oneself, attracting a high level of success internally and externally. Recognizing that success is an inside job, I guide my clients in cultivating their inner qualities to unlock their full potential.

2 – Personal Growth Drives Business Growth: I emphasize that the growth of one’s business is intricately linked to their personal growth. The limits one sets for themselves directly impact their business’s potential. Therefore, I place great emphasis on developing conscious leadership skills and fostering a mindset that allows for expansive growth and breakthroughs.

3 – Leveraging Technology and Efficiency: In today’s digital age, the traditional notion of working long, exhausting hours is obsolete. With the advent of technology, systems, and effective team collaboration, entrepreneurs can create schedules that support their desired lifestyle. I empower my clients to leverage these tools to maximize their productivity and achieve a balance that nurtures their happiness, health, social life, family, and relationships.

4- Motivation and Abundance: I believe that true motivation stems from earning an abundant income. While money alone may not be the sole driving force, a lack of financial abundance can demotivate individuals. I guide my clients in identifying and dismantling any barriers preventing them from earning the income they deserve, thus rekindling their motivation and passion for their work.

5 – Effective Time Management: Time is our most precious resource, and if you don’t manage it, you’re sure to waste it. I challenge the notion of traditional to-do lists, which often prove counterproductive and undermine overall success. Instead, I advocate for the use of an intuitive digital calendar system as a powerful tool for organizing priorities and balancing energy. I believe that looking at your schedule should feel exciting and fulfilling – not overwhelming. By creating an intuitive time management system, my clients learn to prioritize their mental and physical well-being while optimizing their productivity and fulfillment.

These core philosophies serve as guiding principles throughout my coaching practice, enabling my clients to unlock their potential, overcome challenges, and create sustainable success in their personal and professional lives.

Interviewer: It sounds like you have a holistic approach to coaching. Could you tell us more about what you specialize in as a coach and who your clients are?

Tiffany: I specialize in helping busy high-achieving individuals develop their leadership and impact by cultivating work-life harmony, optimizing their time and maximizing their visibility online through personal branding. Having a history of mental health challenges in my past, I am hyper-sensitive to the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle that supports longevity in leadership without sacrificing growth potential. I work with a wide range of clients, from investors to small businesses, providing them with tailored strategies to enhance their online presence, increase engagement, and drive conversions while living an authentic, fulfilling life. My clients come from various industries, including legal, financial, tech, wellness, and personal development.

Interviewer: That’s impressive. Now, let’s shift gears a bit. Could you describe what your dream life looks like right now?

Tiffany: My dream life is a blend of personal fulfillment, professional success, and meaningful connections. It involves having the freedom to work remotely and travel, spending quality time with loved ones, and making a positive impact through my coaching. It’s about finding harmony, enjoying the journey, and continuously evolving and growing. I get to wake up every morning to the Miami skyline view over the bay and start my day feeling excited, aligned and fulfilled. I want more people to experience total freedom: Emotional freedom, financial freedom, geographic freedom & time freedom.

Interviewer: Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Before we wrap up, what’s the best advice you can give to entrepreneurs who want to find that missing piece in life or earn more but feel stuck?

Tiffany: My best advice would be to never underestimate the power of taking action to attack + rework the subconscious wiring in your brain. Start by identifying your vision and goals, breaking them down into actionable steps. Surround yourself with a supportive community and invest in a coach who can guide you along the way. Remember to stay persistent, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, and continually adapt and refine your strategies. Most importantly, believe in yourself and your abilities.

Interviewer: Wonderful advice. Thank you once again for your time, Tiffany. We wish you continued success in your coaching journey.

For anyone intrigued by Tiffany Taylor’s inspiring journey, connect with her on her website, Instagram, or LinkedIn at For a special free gift, send the DM “NYWEEKLY” to @coachtiffanytaylor on Instagram. 


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