Top 23 Entrepreneurs Of 2023
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23 Entrepreneurs Of 2023

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Welcome to Top 23 Entrepreneurs Of 2023, an exclusive feature by New York Weekly that showcases entrepreneurs who are dramatically altering the landscapes of their respective industries. Whether they’re pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, revitalizing the brick-and-mortar business model, or reimagining the future of sports, these individuals aren’t just participating in the game—they’re rewriting the rules. Prepare to be inspired by visionaries who are setting trends, breaking molds, and shaping our collective future.

Sam Altman

Sam Altman is the co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, former president of Y Combinator, and co-founder of several other ventures, his influence is felt across multiple industries. Under his leadership, Y Combinator spawned some of the 21st century’s most disruptive companies, including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Reddit. Now at the helm of OpenAI, Altman is shaping the future of artificial intelligence, pushing for responsible and beneficial AI that can enhance human capabilities.

But Altman isn’t just a tech guru; he’s a thought leader with a following that spans beyond Silicon Valley. His blog posts and interviews provide a rare window into the mind of a man who’s continually pushing boundaries. Known for tackling complex topics such as technology ethics and the future of humanity, Altman’s insights are eagerly awaited and highly regarded. He’s also an active investor, infusing capital and mentorship into startups that promise to shape the future in meaningful ways.

His foray into the tech world started young, co-founding a location-based social networking company, Loopt, right out of college, which was part of Y Combinator’s first funding cycle. It was eventually acquired by Green Dot Corporation. This early success demonstrated his knack for recognizing potential and executing vision—traits that have only intensified as his career has progressed.

With his multi-faceted involvement in technology, investing, and futurism, Sam Altman is one of the most compelling figures of our time. Whether you’re in tech, business, or just interested in the future of humanity, Altman is a must-follow. Stay updated with his latest endeavors and thoughts by visiting OpenAI’s website and following him on social media.

Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is a powerhouse in the realm of entrepreneurship, having founded, scaled, and exited seven companies across various industries. His journey began in 2013 with a brick & mortar business that he scaled to six locations within just three years. Transitioning into the turnaround business, Hormozi revitalized 32+ struggling brick & mortar enterprises using his proven model. He later packaged this approach into a licensing model, rapidly scaling it to 4,000+ locations in four years. All this while also launching three other companies, amassing over $120M+ in cumulative sales without relying on external capital. His most high-profile exit was the majority sale of his licensing company in 2021 for $46.2M., founded by Hormozi in 2020, serves as the next chapter in his illustrious career. Here, he leverages his immense wealth and intellectual acumen to invest in other ventures. The portfolio strategy emphasizes asset-light, high cash flow businesses with a strong focus on sales and digital products. This transition from CEO to owner/shareholder allows him to share his mastery in customer acquisition and monetization with companies eager for growth.

Beyond the boardroom, Hormozi is an active philanthropist committed to leveling the playing field in education and fostering entrepreneurship in underserved communities. His dedication to social impact echoes through his generous contributions of time and resources, cementing his status not just as a business magnate, but also as a community leader.

For his academic credentials, Hormozi is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Vanderbilt University, finishing a BS in Human & Organizational Development with a focus on Corporate Strategy in just three years. He spent two years in management consulting before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Want to dive deeper into Alex Hormozi’s world of business ingenuity and impactful philanthropy? Visit and follow him for more insights.

Ed Mylett

As a trailblazer in the realms of personal development and peak performance, Ed Mylett has carved a niche as one of the most in-demand coaches and motivational speakers of his time. Author of the transformative book “The Power Of One More,” he distills decades of entrepreneurship and coaching know-how into practical lessons for pushing boundaries and living an extraordinary life. Mylett’s aura is magnetic, making him a speaker who doesn’t just perform but transforms lives with his insights and wisdom.

However, Ed Mylett’s sphere of influence extends far beyond public speaking engagements and best-selling books. His dynamic social media presence is a treasure trove of inspiration, revealing interviews with other luminaries and slices of his own life’s metamorphosis. His far-reaching podcast, “The Ed Mylett Show,” serves as another medium through which he amplifies his messages, interviewing a wide range of exceptional individuals who are leaders in their respective fields.

What sets Ed Mylett apart is his genuine, boots-on-the-ground approach to coaching. He’s not just someone who talks the talk; he’s walked the walk, from the early days hustling in the financial services sector to ascending as a juggernaut in the field of personal growth. He’s encountered challenges and wrestled with self-doubt, experiences that have enriched his coaching practice with a rare blend of empathy, hard-earned wisdom, and practical advice.

If you’re looking to enrich your life both personally and professionally, Ed Mylett is your go-to source for life-altering perspectives and strategies. Connect with him on social media platforms, check out episodes of “The Ed Mylett Show,” and explore his official website to jumpstart your journey toward a higher level of existence.

Dan Porter

Dan Porter
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Dan is the CEO of Overtime Overtime builds disruptive sports IP Overtime builds disruptive new sports leagues aimed globally at the next generation sports fan and athlete. Overtime owns and operates, OTE in basketball and OT7 in football, and leverages digital-first content across its network of accounts engaging its community of over 75 million fans and followers. Overtime’s business model is driven by sponsorships, brand relationships, e-commerce, licensing and media rights. Overtime is funded by top VC firms, industry leaders, and athletes, including Liberty Media Corporation, Andreessen Horowitz, Counterpoint Global (Morgan Stanley), Sapphire Sport, Winslow Capital, Bezos Expeditions, Spark Capital, Micromanagement Ventures (the family of the late David Stern), Black Capital, Blackstone Strategic Partners, Alexis Ohanian, Drake, Quavo and 40+ NBA and NFL stars including Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Trae Young. The company is led by CEO and Co-Founder Dan Porter, an innovative thought leader with 30+ years of experience in mobile gaming, education, media and marketplaces.

Prior to Overtime, Dan demonstrated his leadership in a string of notable roles, including Head of Digital at WME | IMG and CEO of social games company OMGPOP. His strategic vision even led him to oversee investments for business magnate Richard Branson and the Virgin Group. Interestingly, he cut his teeth working with bands at RCA Records and took a detour as a public school teacher and President of the Teach For America program. This diverse experience has provided Dan with unique insights, particularly in audience engagement and business development.

Adding an academic layer to his professional prowess, Dan holds an AB from Princeton University and an MA from New York University. He furthered his education at Berklee College of Music and INSEAD, amplifying his interdisciplinary skill set. It’s this rare blend of experience and academic grounding that makes him an authority in creating disruptive and lucrative market spaces.

Backed by heavy hitters from venture capital firms and the sports world—including Andreessen Horowitz, Liberty Media Corporation, and stars like Kevin Durant—Overtime is in capable hands with Dan at the helm. For anyone interested in the future of sports, media, or disruptive business models, Dan Porter is undoubtedly a thought leader worth following.

Peter Guimaraes

Peter Guimaraes
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Peter Guimaraes has become a cornerstone in New York’s culinary and business scene, renowned for transforming Bice Cucina into an international sensation. The essence of his work embodies the dynamism of the Big Apple, transcending traditional definitions of what it means to be a restaurateur. From culinary mastery to active community involvement, Peter’s influence is unmistakable.

Diverse as his culinary creations, Peter’s career also spans the political arena. He has entered the mayoral race, hoping to splash his innovative ideologies onto New York’s complex tapestry. On top of this, he’s launched Tipsy Girl, a wine label that’s quickly become a citywide sensation.

Inspired by a family legacy of self-starter entrepreneurs, Peter attributes his drive to his father’s relentless determination. For him, leadership is not just about pioneering but also about creating a workspace anchored in shared growth and respect.

Peter’s next steps are ambitious: broaden Bice Cucina’s influence, evolve into a household label, and perhaps even occupy City Hall. Every move he makes is a step towards cementing his impact on both the food scene and political circles of New York. The adventure continues as he’s set to unveil “Le Bar A’ Vin” in Palm Beach, Florida—a testament to his ever-evolving brand.

Stay connected with Peter’s unfolding narrative through his socials: Instagram @petergfornyc. Interested in his culinary art? Visit Wine enthusiasts should head over to, and to get the latest on Le Bar A’ Vin, check out their Instagram @lebarpalmbeach.

Paul Morris

Paul Morris, a formidable force in U.S. residential real estate who also ranked #1 on USA Today’s Top 5 Entrepreneurs Of The Year, recently landed at #70 on the list of top 200 industry executives. As CEO of Keller Williams Forward Living, Morris oversees a team of over 3,000 agents who have closed transactions worth more than $8 billion annually. His leadership earned the company a spot as the 2nd largest brokerage in Los Angeles, according to the LA Business Journal.

Not just a corporate leader, Morris is also a bestselling author and educator. His book ‘Wealth Can’t Wait’ and his recent podcast, ‘Radical Wealth Plan,’ produced in collaboration with Entrepreneur Media, provide actionable insights into real estate investment. Morris’s educational initiatives arm his agents with the tools to guide clients toward smart property choices.

Morris firmly believes, “Real estate is the cornerstone of American wealth.” He views a home not merely as shelter but as the starting point for families to accumulate long-term assets. Observing a rising number of families unable to enter the housing market, Morris took decisive action by allocating $1 million of his own capital to establish Dream House Capital. This fund aims to assist first-time buyers in finding affordable homes.

Looking forward, Morris predicts a real estate landscape where high-quality, specialized services, enhanced by technology, empower rather than replace real estate agents. His growth strategy for Keller Williams Forward Living is built on recruiting and retaining top-notch talent to meet evolving consumer demands.

To catch more of Paul Morris’s insights, tune into his ‘Radical Wealth Plan’ podcast or follow him on social media @paulmarkmorris. For deeper engagement, visit

Rodger Desai

Rodger Desai is a force to be reckoned with in the world of mobile and digital identity, currently serving as the Co-Founder & CEO of Prove. Recognized as an expert in the field, he has earned accolades from prestigious institutions, including being named a 2023 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® New York Award winner by Ernst & Young LLP. Rodger’s insights into digital identity and product innovation have been featured in leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, further cementing his status as an industry leader.

Before taking the helm at Prove, Rodger’s career journey was equally illustrious. He held engineering management roles at ExxonMobil and GE, followed by an executive position at Accenture’s telecom practice. He also served as CEO of Rave Wireless, a mobile homeland security notification platform adopted by thousands of educational institutions and emergency organizations. These varied experiences have equipped him with a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving in the tech space.

Where Rodger truly stands out is in his dedication to leveraging technology for social good. Beyond his work at Rave Wireless, he has been involved in groundbreaking projects ranging from microfinance programs in emerging markets to democratizing financial access for underbanked populations through Prove’s mobile identity technology. This reflects his deep-rooted passion for using tech solutions to address human and societal challenges.

Educated at RPI and Harvard Business School, Rodger’s accolades speak volumes about his capabilities. In 2022 alone, he made the 2022 Product 50 List of the World’s Most Innovative Product Leaders and won Comparably’s award for “Best CEO for Diversity.” For those interested in the intersection of technology and societal impact, Rodger Desai is undoubtedly a visionary leader to watch.

Lyss Stern

Lyss Stern
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Lyss Stern is nothing short of a dynamo in the parenting and entrepreneurship sectors, with a robust portfolio that makes her a household name among moms and business circles alike. Based in New York City, she is the founder of DivaMoms, a marketing and events juggernaut that has become an invaluable resource for a vast network of mothers. With a career spanning nearly two decades, Stern was a visionary well before the advent of mom-targeted social media marketing. Her business acumen, augmented by best-selling books like “If You Give A Mom A Martini” and “Motherhood Is A B#tch,” has solidified her as a leading voice in the evolving conversation around motherhood and self-care.

More than just a savvy marketer, Stern is a thought leader who provides insights into everything from work-life balance to mental health. During the pandemic, she successfully pivoted her business model to address the unique challenges mothers faced. The result? A line of CBD gummies—Mom’s Time Out—in partnership with Mindset Wellness, aimed at offering overworked and stressed-out moms a natural wellness alternative. With each gummy designed to uplift, calm, or assist in a good night’s sleep, Stern transformed her personal challenges into a brand-new venture, a hallmark of her adaptable and empathetic entrepreneurial spirit.

Having co-created short-form series such as “Story Time For Moms” on NickMom and “Bad Moms In History” for the Scripps Network, Stern has consistently stayed ahead of market trends. She’s currently in pre-production for a documentary series about her Mom Time Out retreats with Sheryl Berk, focusing on the importance of mothers’ mental health—a cause Stern passionately advocates for and she is currently in pre-production with Eva Shure for her highly anticipated  “Weighted,” a one-woman show exploring the hilarity and humanity of the 3 “hoods” – daughterhood, motherhood and wifehood. The show’s expected first run is Spring of 2024.

As Stern looks towards the future, her vision is all-encompassing: she aims to take DivaMoms global, ensuring that “mom time out” is not just a concept, but a worldwide practice. And she isn’t stopping there. Stern’s forthcoming endeavors promise to continue challenging societal norms while providing actionable solutions for moms everywhere. For those looking to get into the DivaMoms community or simply to glean wisdom from one of today’s most impactful entrepreneurs, follow her on Instagram @diva_moms or visit Join the movement; because every mom deserves a time out.

Maggie Berghoff

Maggie Berghoff
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Maggie Berghoff is a powerhouse entrepreneur, best known as the Founder and CEO of Celproceo, a health consulting firm rooted in functional medicine. Her journey began with dissatisfaction in traditional medical practices, leading her to establish a service that dives deep into patients’ health concerns. Her expertise has attracted an elite global clientele, including celebrities and CEOs, and has garnered recognition from major media outlets like Forbes and Business Insider.

In addition to her work in healthcare, she co-founded a comprehensive business growth and marketing company, offering services like PR, branding, and consulting. Her multi-faceted career also includes being an author, with her book “Eat to Treat” published by Simon & Schuster.

But what truly sets Maggie apart is her unwavering commitment to family, flexibility, and fulfillment. She’s a mom of three, balancing her personal and professional life with finesse, something she attributes to the income and schedule flexibility that her businesses provide.

Despite her busy schedule, Maggie has a passion for mentorship, guiding aspiring clinicians and entrepreneurs through the complicated landscape of online business. Her work goes beyond her own companies; it’s about empowering others to make the world a healthier, more accessible place. Interested in taking your health or business to the next level? Find our more at

April Sabral

With over 25 years of senior executive experience, April Sabral is a luminary in the retail leadership landscape. She worked her way up from a part-time salesperson to Senior Vice President of 250 stores, gaining invaluable experience at esteemed organizations such as Holt Renfrew and DAVIDsTEA. In 2018, April channeled her wealth of expertise into founding RetailU, an online platform dedicated to honing future leaders. Holding multiple coaching certifications and a membership in the Forbes Coaching Council, April has consistently been recognized as an industry innovator.

April goes beyond traditional leadership training methods. Her first book, “The Positive Effect,” served as a launchpad for specialized self-coaching tools and workbooks, establishing her as a pioneer in positive leadership. Her impact has earned her clients like Jimmy Choo and Victoria’s Secret International, and in 2023, she was named a top retail influencer by RETHINK Retail.

In addition to her contributions to the retail leadership space, April is further broadening her horizons by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. Her most recent publication, “Incurable Positivity,” offers readers a blueprint to shift from negativity to positivity in just seven days. This reflects April’s holistic approach to leadership—encompassing not just professional, but personal transformation.

April has most recently launched the first-ever personal and professional virtual growth summit in the retail industry, called Rise Up Retail. In this innovative approach, top thought leaders, mentors, coaches, and trainers come together to host and facilitate sessions on various topics, supporting retail leaders in their career development. This initiative has brought a fresh perspective to an industry that is often overlooked for its potential in personal and professional growth.

Looking ahead, April aims to make her brand the foremost authority in retail leadership training and coaching. Her ambitious vision includes building the largest online retail leadership community that, through her mentorship and partnership with youth organizations, specifically assists young people not headed for college in securing job placements within the industry. To learn more, visit and or reach out to

Anthony Lawson

Anthony Lawson
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Anthony Lawson is not your typical real estate investor. This military veteran parlayed his mission of helping homeless veterans find affordable housing into a thriving enterprise — Group Home Mastery. Lawson’s diligent and thoughtful approach to real estate, coupled with his local market knowledge and integrity, has led him to collaborate with various joint venture partners, forming a dynamic team of knowledgeable investors focusing on diverse commercial assets.

Group Home Mastery is more than just a platform; it’s a community. Providing education and support to individuals interested in investing in group home facilities, this platform is empowering entrepreneurs to make significant community impacts. Whether a seasoned market player or a newcomer, Group Home Mastery offers the opportunity to build generational wealth while ensuring affordable housing for the underserved.

Lawson’s vision stems from a desire to address the pressing issue of affordable housing affecting cities across the country. His platform isn’t merely about real estate investing, it’s about providing sustainable solutions for communities in need. From helping homeless veterans to individuals with mental health illness and disabilities, Group Home Mastery stands out for its ongoing support and a commitment to creating win-win scenarios for all involved.

Anthony Lawson’s journey shows how entrepreneurial spirit, when coupled with a passion for community service, can create meaningful change. If you’re keen to learn more about this purpose-driven investor or want to join the Group Home Mastery community, visit or reach out to Be part of this impactful venture and contribute to the real change happening across the country.

Grayson Cross

Grayson Cross
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In the vast universe of E-commerce, there are those who follow the trends and those who define them. Grayson Cross undoubtedly belongs to the latter. Regarded as the dynamic “Accelerated Growth Engineer” of the digital realm, Cross has weaved marketing strategies that have been the cornerstone for the ascension of over 300 major brands, spanning both 7 and 8 figures.

Cross’s tale is one of rapid growth and adaptability. By 18, he transitioned to the digital space, culminating in the sale of his first SEO agency. This journey brought him into collaboration with the brightest minds in the E-commerce domain, particularly at Common Thread Collective. It was here that he met CEO Taylor Holiday played a pivotal role in Cross’s development, Cross referencing Holiday as
“One of the most influential minds in the Ecommerce industry”

Presently, Cross holds influential positions as Managing Partner at WKND Investments and Chief Growth Officer at WKND Digital. This esteemed entity, under his guidance, not only acquires brands but also drives their growth trajectory. Their digital offerings are touted as game-changers, garnering widespread acclaim in the E-commerce Direct-to-Consumer sector.

One of the unique philosophies Cross champions is “LTV Maxing”. This involves leveraging analytical tools to determine which products can maximize the Lifetime Value (LTV) of first-time customers. In an era of economic unpredictability, such insights are invaluable, ensuring sustained growth and resilience for brands.

In an industry driven by innovation and technology, Grayson Cross is not one to be left behind. Recognizing early on that the digital landscape would evolve at an unprecedented rate, Cross consistently remains a step ahead, investing not only in emerging tools but in the R&D required to understand and customize them for optimum usage.

His deep dive into “LTV Maxing” goes beyond mere analytics. Cross employs advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to study consumer behavior in real-time. This allows him to predict future buying patterns, interests, and preferences of customers with remarkable accuracy. By drawing on large sets of data and combining them with AI, Cross’s strategies ensure that personalized marketing campaigns are not a mere luxury but a standard offering. Each customer’s journey becomes a tailor-made experience, enhancing satisfaction and thereby increasing their lifetime value.

Cross is also a forerunner in integrating Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into the shopping experience. Recognizing the potential they hold, especially in a post-pandemic world, he’s been instrumental in creating immersive shopping experiences. Customers can now virtually ‘try before they buy’, giving them a tangible sense of the product before making a purchase. This not only builds trust but also reduces return rates, further amplifying the LTV.

His journey of determination is complemented by other formidable talents. Notably, Kyle Hunt, once hailed as the mastermind behind America’s fastest-growing Print On Demand brand, and Tommy Patterson, the industry stalwart with a track record of establishing and divesting several brands. Together, this powerhouse trio is on a quest to acquire and elevate over ten companies annually, molding them into unparalleled successes.

WKND Digital, under Tommy Patterson’s astute leadership, has grown from humble origins. Originally a design atelier for its in-house brands, it metamorphosed into a titan of the E-commerce sector. Its elite team, comprising of ad strategists, branding experts, and creative dynamos, draws comparisons with giants like Nike. However, WKND Digital’s ethos is what sets it apart; not just being an agency but a holistic growth partner.

Reading, for Cross, is more than just a pastime. It’s a tool for intellectual and professional enhancement. His commendable feat of consuming a book daily for a year underscores his commitment to continual learning. By inundating his mind with knowledge, Cross has honed his ability to not only absorb but also implement information to drive growth.

Grayson Cross’s narrative is punctuated with challenges turned opportunities. With WKND Digital, his vision extends beyond the traditional confines of an “agency”. He seeks to elevate the role, viewing growth partners as intrinsic marketing teams, diving deep into a company’s ethos to extract its maximum potential with acquisition in mind.

Endowed with an indomitable spirit and a deep grasp of the E-commerce terrain, Grayson Cross stands as an epitome of innovation and growth, reshaping the digital marketing paradigm.

Connect with Grayson Cross via Instagram at Grayson Cross Official to follow his inspirational journey and explore the impactful work being done at WKND – Digital.

Michael-Vitally Vernon

Michael-Vitally Vernon
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Charting a path from war-torn Ukraine to becoming one of the Top Global 100 young leaders in finance, Michael-Vitally Vernon exemplifies resilience, curiosity, and innovation. After being adopted by a Sacramento family, Michael proudly served in the United States Marine Corps and expanded his education with a Master’s degree in Business and Finance. His diverse pursuits further led him to the prestigious Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute for acting studies, which led him to strong supporting role in a show series.

These multiple dimensions of Michael’s background have informed his career as an entrepreneur and performer. Today, he is the co-founder of Oduwa Blockchain Solutions, offering a revolutionary peer-to-peer payment platform aimed at transforming financial transactions in Africa, the South Pacific Islands, and Hawaii. He simultaneously executive  produced the show series Sangre Negra, currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Oduwa Blockchain Solutions was conceived out of necessity. According to Michael, the goal was to address the “lack of efficient, borderless, and secure payment in Africa and South Pacific Islands.” Notably, Oduwa differentiates itself through its focus on global African and Indigenous communities, forming partnerships primarily with emerging African economies.

Michael’s trajectory has been marked by determination, adaptability, and a relentless commitment to problem-solving – attributes that resonate in his advice to fellow entrepreneurs: “Believe in the solution you are creating. Focus on solving the problem first. The market will accept your solution.”

Michael anticipates Oduwa Blockchain to achieve unicorn status by 2029, with a market capitalization of over 1 billion. As he sees it, Oduwa is poised to become the leader in financial settlements across Africa, the Caribbean Region, and the South Pacific. Follow Michael’s journey through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to see how his life’s extraordinary tapestry continues to unfold.

Sufiyan Shabbir Gangdani AKA ELPROFESOR

Sufiyan Shabbir Gangdani AKA ELPROFESOR
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Sufiyan Shabbir Gangdani, better known as ELPROFESOR, is a name that resonates with innovation and forward-thinking in the world of fintech. Hailing from Africa as its first AI trader, his unmatched skills in hyperscalping and cybersecurity, combined with his exceptional acumen in business development, have propelled him to the forefront of his field. Sufiyan stands as the founding force behind, where he serves as CEO, managing an impressive portfolio worth over multi million dollars. His creative drive didn’t stop there, with his name also etched as co-founder and lead AI developer at, another trailblazing venture that utilizes advanced machine learning in trading software.

A peek into Sufiyan’s enterprises reveals the essence of his vision: to transform the trading industry with the power of artificial intelligence. His platform,, is a hub for institutional trading training and capital management services, bringing together an extensive community of traders., on the other hand, is the embodiment of his commitment to technological advancement in the industry, offering cutting-edge machine learning trading software developed under Sufiyan’s expert guidance.

The inception of these enterprises reflects Sufiyan’s distinctive flair for combining technology and trading. His AI system, Al-JAFAR, sets apart, providing clients with personalized and optimized investment strategies. Meanwhile, at, Sufiyan and his team equip traders with adaptable machine learning algorithms, staying ahead of dynamic market conditions.

Sufiyan’s journey is one marked by determination, innovation, and accolades, notably his ranking as the 5th top global entrepreneur in 2024. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs mirrors his own journey: start with a solid plan, seek mentorship, be prepared for sacrifices, persist, and above all, act on your plans.

To delve deeper into Sufiyan’s extraordinary journey, explore his ventures at and Stay updated on his latest ventures by following him on Instagram, or joining the conversation on Threads and his Telegram channel. Discover the world of trading revolutionized by AI, today!

Jasmine Gordon

Jasmine Gordon
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Meet Jasmine Gordon, an accomplished social media marketing maven who made her mark on the digital landscape before hitting her 20s. At just 26 years old, she leverages a decade-long career as a social media marketing manager from her base in Dubai. What began as a fun pastime in her Somerset hometown has now evolved into Social Media Geniuses, her successful agency that serves global businesses and iconic festivals like Glastonbury.

Jas’ rise in the digital marketing sphere is nothing short of remarkable. Beginning her journey in a marketing agency, she swiftly rose through the ranks, leading a team of six despite being the youngest member. Unfulfilled in her role, she quit within a year to breathe life into her dream agency. Since then, she has not only delivered phenomenal results for high-profile clients but also coached over 2000 students, empowering them to establish their own thriving agencies.

Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet potent – “Just start!” She fervently believes that hands-on experience, even if it involves making mistakes, holds more value than acquiring myriad qualifications. Jas attributes her success to this tenacity, validating her theory by turning her students into prosperous entrepreneurs.

One of her proudest accomplishments is when a student under her mentorship attained a monthly revenue of £8k within six months, cementing Jas’ reputation as a transformative coach. This accomplishment resonates deeply with her as it highlights her ability to change lives through her proven methodologies.

In the next 2-5 years, Jas aims to scale Social Media Geniuses to multiple six figures while preserving the intimate client relationship, a challenging feat in the social media marketing agency (SMMA) space. Additionally, she aspires to mentor an additional 1000 students to build their own agencies and hit the £5k monthly revenue mark.

Connect with Jasmine Gordon on Instagram @jzs and witness how she moulds raw talent into successful social media moguls.

Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo
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Jason Wojo stands as a titan in the realm of digital advertising, transforming Wojo Media from a fledgling endeavor into a nine-figure advertising empire. Commanding a portfolio that boasts an expenditure of over $20 million on social campaigns, his agency has seen an astonishing ROI of 6:1, amassing more than $130 million in revenue for its diverse client base. Accredited as a trusted collaborator to over 1,300 global enterprises, Wojo Media has elevated 55 fledgling businesses to seven-figure success stories. Jason himself has been spotlighted in prestigious platforms like Entrepreneur Magazine and NY Weekly’s ’30 Under 30,’ earning him a reputation as one of the most impactful young leaders in digital marketing.

Wojo Media transcends the conventional boundaries of an advertising agency. Beyond merely driving eyeballs, the agency excels in sculpting high-converting digital ecosystems, complete with landing pages, backend sales mechanisms, and marketing automations. This makes Wojo Media not just a service provider, but a comprehensive business accelerator. Jason’s advice for emerging entrepreneurs is crisp yet deeply resonant: concentrate on high-ticket skills that make a measurable impact. Eschewing fleeting trends, Wojo emphasizes building your brand in niches that offer both sustainability and significant impact.

In an industry replete with transient trends and fleeting fame, Jason Wojo’s commitment to meaningful, scalable success sets him apart. With an audacious goal to elevate Wojo Media to a $25 million powerhouse and a parallel aspiration to achieve seven figures through his educational platform by year-end, Wojo is an entrepreneur to watch. To capitalize on the transformative power of Wojo Media, visit Jason’s official site or connect with him on social platforms like Instagram and YouTube for actionable wisdom.

Ace Alfalla

Ace Alfalla
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Ace Alfalla is not your typical entrepreneur. With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, Ace is a multi-faceted leader who wears many hats—Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Marketing Strategist, and U.S. Army veteran. His journey began from humble origins, as a self-described “high school dropout” who never felt he fit the traditional educational mold. Instead, he used his intuition and inquisitiveness to forge his own path. His early days of shoveling snow at age 12 and getting into sales in his 20s laid the foundation for his future enterprises. Today, Ace is the CEO and Founder of FMO Media & Alfalla Hospitality, two rapidly growing companies that have already garnered valuations in the tens of millions.

FMO Media, founded in 2018, serves as a powerhouse marketing agency specializing in the professional service sector. Its client roster spans law firms, real estate brokerages, and healthcare practices among others. Within just a few years, FMO Media has grown to a valuation of $12 million, with projections suggesting a climb to $25 million by 2024. On the other side, Alfalla Hospitality, started in 2021, boasts a portfolio of hotels and restaurants currently valued at $13 million. Both ventures reflect Ace’s uncanny ability to turn vision into value, and his skills in leadership and management are the keystones that have catapulted his enterprises to their present-day success.

But Ace’s ambitions go beyond numbers. He aims to democratize entrepreneurial success by empowering others. According to the 2023 census, the average American earns $59K annually, a figure Ace seeks to elevate by sharing his story and expertise. With an arsenal of digital courses on personal credit and marketing agency management, Ace aims to equip the ordinary individual with the tools to reach 6 or 7-figure incomes, through side hustles, real estate, or small business endeavors. For him, entrepreneurship is not just a career; it’s a vehicle for creating widespread financial freedom and social mobility.

What sets Ace apart is his dedication to continuous learning and mentorship. From investing in courses by Tai Lopez and Billy Gene to seeking advice from industry leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuck, he underscores the importance of education, resilience, and action-taking. To kickstart your journey toward financial freedom and get an insider’s look into Ace’s world, follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube @acealfalla or visit his website at

Shahrouz Varshabi

Shahrouz Varshabi
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From the streets of Tehran to the skyscrapers of New York City, Shahrouz Varshabi is an entrepreneur who believes in the transformative power of determination and ingenuity. He is the Founder & CEO of Designity, a pioneering platform that is not just revolutionizing the creative industry but is also paving the way for how we perceive and interact with creative talent.

Designity offers an unparalleled service, removing the intermediaries and connecting clients directly with the top 3% of U.S.-based creatives and creative directors. As a visionary leader, Shahrouz aspires for Designity to become a global platform where clients and creatives can collaborate efficiently and effectively. He believes in running his business through transparency and constant communication, a formula he attributes to his team’s ongoing success.

His motivation? A personal frustration with the educational system led Shahrouz to create a platform where real talent could be nurtured, discovered, and utilized to its fullest extent. His advice to budding entrepreneurs is as straightforward as it is profound: “Don’t give up!”

In the coming years, Shahrouz aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies like NFT and blockchain, transforming Designity into a Web 3 platform and solidifying its position as the creative industry’s future.

If you’re intrigued by the man behind this disruption or interested in being part of a vibrant, innovative team, you can find out more by emailing Shahrouz directly at Based out of New York, Shahrouz is an entrepreneur who not only embodies the spirit of innovation but is also a living testament to what hard work and a never-give-up attitude can achieve.

So, if you’re looking to collaborate on your next big creative project, there’s no better time than now to visit Designity. Discover the future of creative collaboration today!

Jamie Rossi

Jamie Rossi
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From financial adviser to visionary entrepreneur, Jamie Rossi’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of recognizing a gap in the market and filling it expertly. Jamie began his career as a financial adviser, struggling with inefficient lead generation and ineffective marketing solutions. Instead of accepting this as a limitation, he took matters into his own hands, learning the ropes and using technology to set appointments for himself. Realizing the potency of his approach, he scaled what started as a self-serving necessity into a full-fledged enterprise—The Appointment Setter. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Jamie’s business focuses on generating high-quality appointments, serving mainly financial advisers and life insurance agents, with targeted, effective marketing solutions.

The Appointment Setter isn’t your run-of-the-mill lead generation company. Jamie’s initial frustrations with the marketing inefficiencies in the financial advising sector led him to create a service that doesn’t just find any lead but finds a high intent prospect and turns it into an appointment. “I always hated working lead lists — I was never good at working the phones. So the requisite for my strategy was not getting leads, but getting appointments,” said Jamie. The business has ambitious plans for the future, leveraging artificial intelligence to refine appointment setting even further. Jamie aims for his firm to break into new verticals and hit an impressive milestone—generating one million dollars in monthly revenue by the middle of next year.

In his role as CEO, Jamie Rossi’s philosophy revolves around his belief that the journey itself is the game. This perspective empowers him to lead his team in a way that makes work not a necessity, but a game. “The more I look at work as a game, the more I win,” he said.  His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs mirrors his own approach: “If the journey doesn’t feel like a game you want to play, find something else.”

To be part of Jamie Rossi’s exciting journey or to revolutionize your own marketing efforts, you can connect with him on FacebookTikTok, or Instagram.

Lang Li

Langzhou Lang
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In the bustling corridors of New York’s finance and hospitality sectors, one name consistently emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence: Lang Li. As the CEO and Founder of both Qalqo Capital Group and 365 Hospitality, Li epitomizes a rare blend of visionary acumen in real estate investment and an unparalleled knack for luxury service. With a prolific background spanning real estate and hospitality, he established Qalqo Capital Group in 2018 as a vanguard in private equity and asset management, focusing primarily on real estate developments and bridge lending. Simultaneously, his foray into the world of experiential luxury led to the creation of 365 Hospitality, a one-stop solution offering everything from home rentals to yacht charters in America’s most vibrant cities.

Qalqo Capital Group, with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, strategically invests on behalf of a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from individual investors to institutional entities. The firm is a linchpin in the thriving submarkets of major U.S. cities, managing a labyrinth of high-quality asset investments and financial opportunities. Meanwhile, 365 Hospitality is rewriting the playbook on travel and accommodation services. With an operational footprint in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, the company offers an exquisite array of boutique, white-glove services that elevate the very meaning of travel luxury.

Li’s future vision for his twin ventures is audaciously clear: to solidify Qalqo Capital Group’s standing as a titan in private equity and asset management while positioning 365 Hospitality as the epitome of premium travel experiences. The roadmap for the next 2-5 years involves expanding high-quality asset portfolios and breaking into new, thriving markets, all while upholding an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and service excellence.

Li’s advice to emerging entrepreneurs is a mirror reflection of his own journey: “Begin with a clear vision and an insatiable passion for your field. Surround yourself with a team that shares your commitment to excellence and be prepared to adapt, learn, and grow.” For those interested in engaging with a mind that is shaping the future of investment and luxury service, Lang Li is but an email away. To explore world-class investment opportunities, visit Qalqo Capital Group. If you’re seeking an unparalleled luxury experience in travel and accommodation, discover more at 365 Hospitality.

Zach Uvodich

Zach Uvodich
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Zach Uvodich is a paradigm of modern entrepreneurship, skillfully navigating the intricate realms of fintech, insurance, and wealth management. Cutting his teeth in the industry as an insurance agent in 2018, Uvodich found himself frustrated with the low-quality leads that a hefty monthly marketing budget was yielding. Leveraging his experience in paid media and digital sales funnels, he began running his own marketing campaigns with remarkable success. Today, he sits at the helm of Moonlight Media, a Richmond-based growth agency singularly focused on amplifying fintech companies, particularly in the insurance and wealth management sectors.

More than just a savvy marketer, Uvodich embodies the very spirit of innovation and leadership. This dynamism stems from his early years in sports and his innate desire to continually push boundaries. His agency has thus become a sanctuary for businesses seeking to boost assets under management or build a formidable book of business. Moonlight Media has garnered a reputation for providing top-notch services in paid media buying, creative strategy, and business development.

Uvodich’s vision for Moonlight Media is as ambitious as it is clear-cut: to become the leading growth marketing agency for fintech companies across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. within the next five years. The company aspires to drive growth for its clients not just capriciously, but with the predictability and profitability that are often elusive in today’s volatile markets. Given this trajectory, it’s no surprise that Uvodich sees his brand sponsoring professional sporting events and consulting for some of the world’s most significant fintech players in the near future.

As someone who champions the ethos of consistent growth and hard work, Uvodich’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is straightforward: “Success is neither easy nor glamorous. Commit to excellence, put in the work, and strive to be 1% better every day.” To learn more about how Zach Uvodich and Moonlight Media can revolutionize your fintech business, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit the Moonlight Media website.

Kamran Zahid

Kamran Zahid
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At 20 years old, Kamran Zahid has swiftly navigated through various entrepreneurial endeavors to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the business world. From Instagram meme pages and e-commerce to influencer marketing, Kamran has now zeroed in on public relations with his firm, Fame Media. Specializing in serving the top 1% of industry professionals, Fame Media has scaled aggressively, currently boasting seven-figure annual revenue with an eight-figure vision on the horizon. This rapid ascent has landed Kamran in USA Today’s “Top 5 Entrepreneurs of 2023,” making him one of the most watched figures in entrepreneurship today.

Fame Media doesn’t just offer PR services; it dominates the space by landing its elite clientele in some of the most prestigious publications globally. While other firms struggle to gain traction, Kamran’s strategic business approach has made Fame Media a go-to for businesses seeking powerful brand narratives and media placements.

Kamran’s focus is squarely on scaling Fame Media, and while he hasn’t yet turned to mentorship or public business education, it’s a lane he sees himself exploring in the future. Currently, his priority is on sustaining the firm’s sharp growth trajectory and achieving the eight-figure revenue target he’s set for the company.

If you want to keep up with a young entrepreneur who is making serious moves, or get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a high-impact PR firm, follow Kamran on Instagram at @kamranzah1d

Nuran Rahman

Nuran Rahman
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Nuran Rahman, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Fame Media LLC, has been a driving force behind the company’s remarkable ascent. His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; he’s been featured in USA Today’s “Top 5 Entrepreneurs Of 2023,” as well as E! News, Men’s Journal, Houston Mag, and more. Initially, Nuran was the lone sales warrior, putting in grueling 14-hour days as he scoured for the next high-profile client. His relentless determination was instrumental in the company’s rapid scaling.

Before joining Fame Media, Nuran managed an extensive network of themed Instagram pages, perfecting his digital marketing acumen and gaining critical insights into audience behavior and engagement. This experience gave him a unique skill set that he brought to Fame Media, contributing to its success.

Today, Nuran’s role has evolved from spearheading sales to focusing on mentorship. He is committed to training Fame Media’s burgeoning remote sales team, passing on his well-earned wisdom to help them reach his own high levels of expertise. If you want to keep tabs on how Nuran continues to disrupt the PR world and learn about his ever-evolving business strategies, follow him on Instagram.

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