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Natalie Dorely Takes on Music as a Tool to Light People’s Paths and Motivate Them to Flourish

Finding oneself and one’s true calling are about the most profound things that can happen to anyone looking to move their life forward. For Natalie Dorely, it took picking up the piano at the early age of six and discovering she could sing to realize that music could be a career and life-changing endeavor for her. Today, she’s pursuing that dream and aiming for the most that the dream can help her achieve.

Natalie Dorely is a rising star from New Jersey, and recently, her music has caught many people’s attention in the industry. She’s placing not just her talented self in the spotlight but also pushing the envelopes of independent powerful women taking charge of their lives. Natalie, who says she understands what it’s like to achieve success in the music industry, is ready for everything the industry throws her way. 

Natalie’s biggest inspiration comes from seeing many people succeed in the music industry and her strong belief that she can do the same because of the energy and talent she possesses. She takes her singing very seriously, and stepping out of the shadows of the shy and quiet child she grew up with has really helped her thrive as a musician. She got some traction as a musician in college, but she kept a low profile and made sure the music spoke for her instead.

“I’m all about living for what we’re here to do and this is the one for me. Music is a part of my purpose,” she said.

Being herself has helped her stick to her craft as a musician and it’s why achieving success in that field is going to be her way of delivering impact. “Many people struggle with being themselves. I never shy away from who I am and living with this principle unapologetically is the number one quality I want every young person to imbibe,” Natalie said.

Her goal is to connect with women in the music business and everyone who enjoys good music. Through her music, she hopes to take her to a place of peace and serenity. Reaching her fan’s core is one of her primary missions in the industry and according to her, “When they listen to my music, I want them to be able to relate and feel liberated. My goal is to inspire and impact people for the better, through singing I know that I’ll be able to accomplish that.”

As she continues to chase success in music, she gets motivated daily knowing that her ultimate destination is inspiring millions through music and having a voice powerful enough to deliver people into their true essence. She believes these goals of hers make up her purpose, and she is committed to living them out.

In the next few years, Natalie Dorely hopes to have three to four albums out doing great numbers on the charts. She also hopes to win awards, including a Grammy Award and launching a non-profit organization to support families that have loved ones living with autism. Owning a fragrance line is also in her plans.

Learn more about Natalie Dorely on her official Instagram page.

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