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Searching for a penile enhancement product with history

When Dio Magna executives visited west Africa for the secret to penis enhancement, they traveled to the right place.

Well, not if they’d been looking at one particularly painful-sounding tribal ritual, from the Somba people from Togo and Benin which involved rubbing an herb on the penis (history like a game of telephone may have possibly changed shea butter to a random herb) before inserting the penis into a hole cut into a branch of a tree or a piece of ivory. The object is then worn for several months until the desired penis length is reached. The effects were tremendous, but yikes!

Dio Manga was looking for something a little less ritualistic and harsh.

There were also African tribes that used weights to help improve penis length, as did the Ancient Egyptians, but the technique is so dangerous, it’s no wonder Ancient Egypt no longer exists.)

A different herbal method

Herbs and spices have always played an important role in African naturopathy, and it did not take long for Africa to determine that many herbs are excellent natural sexual enhancers, including vitamins and essential oils, which can boost blood circulation and send collagen and elastin to help make the penis larger. Better orgasms are an added benefit.

The herbs used by both the Somba and Batammarinda tribes included Tribulus Terrestris, Hawthorn, horny goat weed, Catuaba and Saw Palmetto, among others. Many of these are still in use today, and Catuaba is mentioned specifically in contemporary studies as being useful for male enhancement and improved pleasure.

Shea was the ultimate answer

While some of these herbs may be part of Dio Manga’s proprietary blend, the product is most effective because it mixes an impactful oil like shea along with a more mild-mannered stretching technique. Through ample study, Dio Magna has developed one of the most naturally effective products with natural results.

What happens is that as skin stretches, new skin cells (collagen and elastin skin cells generated by the nutrients in shea butter) form. These new cells continue to grow, and they are permanently part of your body once in place. This is how the product and technique provide permanent penile growth.

For the majority of the population (an estimated 90 percent of men are unsatisfied by the size of their penis), the product steeped in history with modern elements too is a welcome addition to the male enhancement shelves. 

Most know that pills don’t help and that surgery is dangerous, so finding an all-natural product to be used externally is a fantastic find from west Africa, where there are certainly other penis enhancement techniques yet to be found.

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