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Professional Coach Shiv Thakor Shares His Journey Towards the Top of the Coaching Industry

When people encounter the word ‘coach,’ the first picture that comes to mind is the typical high school coach. However, coaches can be anyone with extensive knowledge on a particular subject, which helps other individuals improve and excel. Shiv Thakor is a coach in the UK who has been helping his clients in the US and across the globe to become the best version of themselves and give them the winning mindset to excel in all their endeavors.

Shiv Thakor is a former professional athlete who decided to bring his winning mentality into the coaching industry. With his new platform, Shiv has been helping clients transform their potential to put them on the right track to achieve their desired results. Among his many clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, coaches, CEOs, actors, creative artists, and leaders.

Throughout his career as an athlete and coach, Shiv has endured many roadblocks and victories as he strived for excellence and legacy. After leaving the world of sports, Shiv turned his attention to coaching. Obsessed with greatness and winning, he wanted to help others experience the rush of victory. Shiv is equipped to drive, inspire, and motivate people by providing them with the clarity and strategy needed to execute on a higher level.

As a coach, Shiv Thakor utilizes coaching methods that are meant to challenge and transform his clients. He is unapologetically honest, solution-focused, and result-oriented, which compliments his direct approach. Shiv is a coach who is driven by legacy, unleashing potential and achieving the impossible. His industry-leading utilization strengthens the former athlete’s coaching philosophy, scientifically proven psychometric and axiological profiling to understand the what, how, and why of human performance. 

Regardless of his clients, Shiv takes the initiative to work assertively and aggressively. His drive helps him in uplifting teams and organizations to accomplish their goals. Shiv is excellent at initiating activities and direction, which is an incredible asset in generating new ideas, promoting them, energizing others, and demanding higher performance from everyone, including himself, to reach their goals.

Although many other coaches in the industry today, Shiv attributes his experience as a former professional athlete to set himself apart from them. His mindset, perspective, honest, and direct & driven approach have been assets to the success of his clients. “Everything I do is about getting results,” Shiv explained, “I work with people for a minimum of 90 days where we work to get the results we clearly identify, create a strategy for, and then get the end result.” The coach’s clients have 24/7 access to him throughout their collaborations, and the ones who have already found success with Shiv continue to work with him for years as they continue to push the goalposts and raise the bar.

Having established himself in cricket, Shiv Thakor aspires to become the leading performance coach and consultant working with elite-level athletes, CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals impacting the world. Additionally, Shiv strives to make himself the go-to coach globally.

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