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Jason Pierce Propels Chronic® to the Top of the Athletics Industry

In the world of sports, investing in high-quality sportswear and sports gear is paramount. Wearing the right activewear and using top-notch sports equipment can bring in a multitude of benefits like improved performance and prevention of injury, among other things. For this reason, Chronic® founder, Jason Pierce, has made it his mission to create a brand that adds value to their clients’ active lifestyles through innovation and design.

Chronic® Athletics, one of the industry giants in the field of athletic wear, has established itself as a household name by embodying the phrase “it’s a way of life”. It has distinguished itself apart from a plethora of competitors for being the first athletics company in the world that is making products for inside and outside the body.

Their top-of-the-line Chronic® Footwear and Chronic® ActiveWear strikes the perfect balance between fashion and functionality, which is why they remain to be the top choice of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. Their Chronic®Comfort line is a collection of apparel and accessories built for everyday use.

The company also produces premium sporting goods and items such as skis and snowboards. Their Chronic® Skis/Snowboards line is of superior quality and is even chosen as the official supplier to the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division. Recently, they started using and incorporating hemp-derived products in the creation of these products – the first of its kind in the industry. 

Under the leadership of Jason Pierce, this team of innovating individuals prides itself in putting out excellent offerings as well as partaking in sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. In fact, they make it a point to use cruelty-free and vegan materials. They also do not employ child or slave labor. Clearly, the mind behind this enterprise is committed to carrying out the organization’s vision of adding value to the lives of its customers. 

Aside from these impressive values and beliefs, Jason has also carried his company to greater heights by being the first to create a line of products that address an athlete’s needs holistically, starting from the inside. Chronic® Athletics CBD was created with the goal of helping active individuals in terms of performance, recovery, and wellness. The line includes a variety of supplements such as energy boosters, sleeping aids, and vegan gummies. They also have muscle rubs and tinctures. The award-winning athletics company guarantees that all of the products under Chronic® Athletics CBD are organic, non-GMO, and sourced locally. 

This venture has seen great success and is even backed by world-class and champion athletes like the American snowboarder Erika “The Viking” Vikander.

As for his goals in the future, Jason Pierce wishes to see their thriving community of sports-loving, habitually active individuals grow all around the globe. He also aims to continue expanding Chronic® by being constantly on the lookout for fresh and creative ideas that will further elevate the standards of the athletics industry.   

Learn more about Jason Pierce and Chronic® Athletics by visiting their website here


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