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How Ari Rastegar’s Empire is Disrupting The Ethos of Real Estate

As swaths of real estate investors purchase properties based on favorable conditions and timing the market, one investment firm delivers industry-leading returns by disrupting traditions. Ari Rastegar, the millennial founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Company, also called the “Elon Musk of Real Estate,” has attracted a roster of global investors without the hassle of upfront fees or relying on industry trends as his competitors. Through advanced technology and an appetite for “recession-resilient investment opportunities,” Rastegar is not only increasing the investor pie but giving everyone a larger slice. 

In other words, investors are committing to Rastegar due to its edge in identifying, owning, renovating, managing and developing both new and antiquated properties before its competitors. These include a selection of office buildings, industrial space, multifamily properties, and futuristic suburbanism master-planned communities. The real estate industry took note of the firm due to its bets during the Covid-era economic downturn. At a time when real estate moguls were targeting existing markets such as New York City or San Francisco, Rastegar’s team had its eyes on Austin’s commercial real estate potential and went ahead to invest in 16 properties. 

Rastegar’s instinct to see the “trees within the forest” and ability to secure rapport quickly with community members have set a new precedent for even the most seasoned investors. It can be difficult to find large-scale investments that offer these same benefits without substantial risks. But the company aims to deliver investors consistent passive income, capital appreciation through tax benefits with a purpose of increasing returns without hefty risk.

Why Rastegar Property Company is different

One of the main features that sets Rastegar Property apart from other investment opportunities is the value they place on transparency. Many investors are effectively required to have blind faith when they invest their money, but Rastegar Property Company keeps an “open door policy” and aims to be transparent about what they do with investors’ money.

Rastegar underscores the relationships he forms with investors, his employees, as well as the people of the community he invests in. “People are the core of any business,” he asserts. “This is why we value and prioritize our relationships and put them at the center of everything we do.”

Furthermore, Rastegar Property’s team constantly shows courage and innovation in every aspect of their business ventures. Their team recognizes that the world is continually changing, especially with regard to investing, so they must be able to adapt. Their willingness to embrace advanced data analytics and technology ensures that they can improve their analysis and operation every step of the way. As a result, they can better research their opportunities, manage risk, and control costs. With the help of advanced technology systems at every step of the process — from acquiring properties to management — their operation is as efficient as possible.

Rastegar Property’s innovation expands beyond its willingness to adopt new technologies, however. They also boast a diverse team from various backgrounds that can creatively solve problems and come up with solutions that no one else could. “We pride ourselves on finding the brightest minds in the industry,” explains Rastegar. “Our team is just as important as the technology we implement to keep us on the cutting edge of the industry.”

These skills — in addition to Rastegar’s commitment as a first-generation Iranian-American founder to build generational security not only for his family but his team members — reflect the pillars Rastegar stands on. Growing up in a low-income family, Rastegar would walk with his grandfather, eyeing the tallest skyscrapers. It was then and there that he vowed to take the role of a generational changemaker and create a more prosperous legacy.

Those humble beginnings contribute to the last core value of Rastegar Property: Kaizen. A Japanese term meaning continuous improvement, Kaizen represents Rastegar Property’s commitment to a holistic approach to the organization. From ground-level employees to Rastegar himself, everyone at Rastegar Property works together to learn from experience and each other in order to become more efficient and effective.

Rastegar Property Company’s track record

Rastegar Property’s committed approach to investment has shown proven results. Rastegar Property adheres to a strict, highly-selective set of investment criteria, allowing them to only invest in the best industrial, office, retail, and multifamily buildings in the US. In each new market they target, Rastegar’s team conducts extensive research and works with city officials, residents, and other local decision-makers to ensure their investment will have a maximum positive impact on the local community.

During this process, Rastegar Property collects extensive data that allows them to make an informed decision before committing any funds. “Real estate investment involves significant amounts of capital and has lower fungibility,” Rastegar explains. “As a result, we must thoroughly vet any potential investment opportunities to ensure they are the best fit for our goals.”

That being said, private real estate investing tends to be favorable toward investors thanks to the tax-efficient returns it provides. Tax laws provide capital gain benefits to real estate investors through opportunity zones, 1031 exchanges, and depreciation deductions. Rastegar Property’s understanding of these codes ensures that they can act in the best interest of their investors.

At Rastegar Property, the team thinks of themselves as specialists — not generalists — allowing them to help their high-net-worth clients build even more sustainable wealth. “We focus on tried-and-true strategies that we know well,” asserts Rastegar. “This allows us to reduce risk and generate more consistent results for our clients. It’s why they trust us and our expertise.”

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