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Wellness Expert Dionne Joi Reveals the Secret to Mindset Healing

The holistic wellness and mind transformation coach shares how a mindset shift helped her overcome various mental health illnesses and changed her life forever

Making waves in the wellness industry, Dionne Joi continues her journey of empowering and helping others find true happiness and purpose in life. Her favorite quote, “Pain is inevitable, but misery is a choice,” reminds us that we all have struggles, but it’s up to us to decide how to deal with them. The challenge lies in not staying down and letting go of what’s hurting us. Dionne’s intervention has made the road to healing more achievable using an eight-step FEARLESS mindset system she recently developed.

Early in life, Dionne was no stranger to failures and setbacks. She suffered from trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, grief from losing a baby, depression, anxiety and a handful more after surviving a terrible car accident. Dionne saw multiple doctors, given different medications but didn’t get any better. After an arduous year, she ventured on a new path and started learning about holistic wellness. Her discovery resulted in a journey of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, making her the invincible and empowered woman she is today. Her brand, Dionne Joi, embodies the art of being joyous, limitless and fearless in facing adversities and moving forward.

Nowadays, Dionne manages the Joi Luck Club, a social club that focuses on holistic wellness and provides members with a support system and resources to unlock their potential. She works closely with ZavoMedia PR Group, a PR firm based in New York that firmly supports her mission of spreading the message of hope to those in need of guidance in overcoming limiting beliefs. In this interview, Dionne shares how she conquered her trials and imparts her wisdom on changing her mindset.

We’re honored to have you! How did you overcome your biggest challenges?
I have healed from the hurt and trauma through holistic remedies such as Reiki, essential oils, herbs, and supplements. I’ve done tons of research, gained certifications, talked to experts, and learned from my own experiences. Meditation, self-reflection, journaling and investing in coaching helped me to understand how to improve myself. I couldn’t change my life until I changed myself and my thinking. Self-awareness is key; I had to know my capabilities and believe I could do it. Because of the mindset shift, I overcame different challenges and achieved the success and happiness I have today.

You went through so much but emerged triumphant. What lessons can our readers learn from you?
Be your true authentic self. Learn from your past and grow from your mistakes. Remember that your value isn’t diminished by what has happened to you because everyone experiences pain. What separates us is how we deal with it. We all have the potential to be great; we just don’t know it yet. But once you realize that the world is yours, you can have whatever you want.

Those are great insights! What are some of your dreams and aspirations?
I want more people to access knowledge that can change their lives. I hope for Joi Luck Club to be a movement that will cultivate change and transformation globally. My brand spreads “joi” by helping people work on themselves daily and offering a community of people on the same journey. Imagine a vast network of people constantly growing and sharing insights with you – that’s something I aspire to achieve in the future.

How do you stay motivated?
A saying goes, “As I heal, you heal. And as you heal, I heal.” I work on myself daily, talk to people and be engaging. So if I’m talking and encouraging someone, I’m also doing that to myself; it’s like a cycle. Making at least one person smile or change someone’s sadness to happiness motivates me to work harder and create more effective techniques. In return, I’m also allowing myself to become better.

Know that failure will happen, but you can use them to figure out what does not work. Every successful person has experienced failures. Use that as a learning tool and a stepping stone to get you where you want to be.

Any exciting news you’d like to share with your followers?
It takes courage to be comfortable sharing your story with many people. Working alongside Mildred D. Muhammad as a co-author was an incredible experience that helped me craft my story. I’m thrilled to announce an upcoming book, In the Midst of Chaos, which comes out in October. It is a collection of real-life stories from people who suffered from abuse or trauma but overcame these challenges and became stronger.

One of my goals is to reach a broader audience and provide life-changing content they can easily access. To materialize this concept, I’ve developed an app where like-minded people can ask for help, share wisdom, promote businesses and support each other anytime, anywhere. It’s currently in the Beta phase, and we’re doing our best to make it user-friendly and seamless for users worldwide.

After Dionne started her holistic journey, she found happiness and healing that made her unstoppable. She finally discovered her true calling: to help others become better than they were yesterday. Today, she shares her knowledge and resources with her Eight-step FEARLESS Mindset System, inspiring others to take action toward healing and transformation. Aside from her club, Dionne wears multiple hats and takes on new challenges – from working with a tech company based in London to creating a powerful app. She is set to launch a Kickstarter event to support and optimize the development of her app, which starts on October 15 and will run for 30 days. 

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