How to Travel to Saudi Arabia on Budget!

How to Travel to Saudi Arabia on Budget!

Saudi Arabia is considered a religiously important country on the map of the world. Being Islam’s largest religion, Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam. Millions of devotees of Islam from different parts of the world visit Saudi Arabia annually to perform Umrah and visit sacred places. If you are planning for Umrah, different Umrah packages are available; if you are in the UK and looking for the best Umrah deals, you should check out our UK Umrah Packages, which are offered at cheaper prices.  But if you plan a vacation in Saudi Arabia, you must keep a few things in mind.  

Saudi Arabia has recently opened up to tourism and made a few changes in its laws and regulations regarding tourism and tourists. Saudi Arabia is rapidly emerging as a tourist destination. Saudi Arabia is rapidly emerging as a new tourist destination. Saudi Arabia is well known for high-end tourism but also has budget-friendly traveling opportunities. Saudi Arabia had strict laws back in the day, but things have quite changed now; the Saudi Government is taking significant actions to accommodate the flourishing tourism industry.  Despite all these changes, Saudi Arabia is still not considered a budget-friendly destination. Traveling with a group or a partner is recommended to be on the budget and have a wholesome experience. 

Plan a Saudi Arabia tour with one of the best companies at affordable prices for memorable experiences. Many tour companies offer budget-friendly recreational tours and Umrah packages. If you want a budget-friendly Umrah package, check out our London Umrah Packages for amazing deals. 

Here are some factors you should consider when you think of a budget-friendly tour to Saudi Arabia. This will help you save money, avoid any inconvenience, and have the best time while you are there.

Planning of Trip  

If you want to travel, the first thing you will do is planning. When planning a trip to Saud Arabia, research, have complete inside information about the country, and try to familiarize yourself with traditions, places, culture, and people. With proper planning, you can enjoy a budget-friendly tour. Your tour cost depends on many factors like flight, accommodation, transportation, food, shopping, sightseeing, etc. First, budget how much you have to spend on the tour. Then, plan your tour according to that budget. Keep a record of your expenses and plan according to your expenses to avoid any inconvenience during the trip.

Best Time to Travel 

The best time to travel to Saudi Arabia on a budget is the off-peak season, which is from May to September because of high temperatures. If you can tolerate the scorching heat, you should travel during these months because you can find several budget-friendly deals on accommodation, food, travel, and many more. Ramadan is also the best time to travel in Saudi Arabia;. However, most businesses remain closed during the daytime, the after-iftar ambiance at night comes alive with bustling markets and vibrant street scenes. You can enjoy free meals at Iftar and also get discounts/ deals on sightseeing, events, food, shopping, etc. Winter is the peak time for tourism in Saudi Arabia, so it is not recommended to travel during this time if you want to be on a budget. 


Saudi Arabia does not have many budget-friendly accommodation options. If you are solo traveling,, cheap accommodation options might be fewer than those forthan the group because most available accommodation options are per room,, not per person. Different accommodation options, such as hotels, hostels, shared rooms, guesthouses, Airbnb, etc., are available in Saudi Arabia. These all are cheap options and will not be a burden on your bank. Many decent hotels and hostels in different cities offer good services and basic amenities at affordable prices. Budget-friendly Accommodations away from main tourist sites also seem good because these are cheaper and help you save money. But it should not be very far from attractions that would cost you more money on transportation. While choosing affordable accommodations, check Google ratings and reviews, distance from attractions, basic amenities, and budget-friendly prices. 

Affordable Food Choices

Find fine-quality, cheap food options. Do not waste money at expensive restaurants. If your accommodation has a place for cooking, it is the best option, but most accommodations do not. If you want to eat local food, do not go to overpriced restaurants; you can get it from local restaurants and food streets. The food is cheaper, delicious, and of good quality, and you will not be out of budget and will have an experience of original Saudi cuisine. Try shawarma, kebab felafal, etc. As Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, visitors should have prior knowledge of their culture and dietary limitations according to Islamic laws.

Confrushing in Saudi    

While visiting Saudi Arabia, use the Confrushing app, available in big cities and a perfect way to save money. This app connects you to local hosts willing to host the tourists for free. Saudis are very hospitable. The local host provides a space to stay and feed you, but it might also help you explore the city. If you are a solo female traveler, prefer a female host or a family for your safety. You can also connect with a male host, but just be careful while selecting a host on Confrushing and check ratings and reviews on the app. 


Saudi Arabia has an efficient and structured public transport system. It includes buses and trains that connect the major cities. One of the most cost-effective means of transportation in Saudi Arabia is by bus. Saudi Arabia has a vast bus service system operating in the country, such as the SAPTCO bus service, which is air-conditioned and almost available in all the cities. Buses and trains are more suitable choices for travel within cities and between different cities. If you want private transport you can rent a car, it would be expensive for a solo traveler, and for a group rental car is preferable because petrol is very cheap there. Online cab service is also available where you can share your ride, and it is a cheaper option than a taxi. Cheap domestic flights are also available for swift traveling. 

Sights and Attractions      

There are several free and affordable budget-friendly sightseeing options. As Saudi Arabia is a culturally rich country, you have much to explore, from its history, traditions, and heritage to outdoor activities and everyday modern city life. Diriyah Nature Reserve Park has free entry, and you can go hiking, camping, biking, etc. Asir Mountain is great for hiking and camping, with beautiful green scenery and breathtaking surroundings. The Saudi National Museum briefly shows the country’s culture and history; visit Al Ula to explore a tapestry of cultural legacy, traditions, and history, as well as the life of ancient people and how they used to live there. Al Masmak Fort features the cultural side of the country, and Jeddah Corniche offers a spectacular view of the Red Sea and many fun water activities. All these places have no entry face. To make unforgettable memories, don’t forget to visit these places. Check different deals and discounts on tour attractions, be aware of your expenses, and properly plan to be on a budget to make your trip memorable.

Shopping From Local Markets     

Go to local shops called soaks for shopping because they are cheap. You can buy souvenirs, mementos, traditional clothing, and handicrafts at reasonable prices as reminders of the tour. 

Discounted Cards And Passes 

Some cities offer discounts and different tourist deals, which can help you save money on food, accommodation, and transportation. You can check Google or ask tourist help centers about these discounts.

Travel in a Group   

Travel in a group to be on a budget. From transportation and accommodation to food and everything, group travel is convenient as it costs you less money. Shared accommodation, transportation, food, etc., can cut your costs. Furthermore, group tours are always considered safer than solo tours.

Book Flights in Advance 

Book your flights in advance for cheaper fares. You can also check different discounted flight tickets online for budget-friendly travel options. You can get cheaper flights in non-peak season.

Be mindful of your spending. 

Record your expenses, make a daily budget plan, and follow it. Get help from online apps to see any increase in your expenditures and avoid useless shopping. Being mindful of your expenses will help you stay within budget. And you can enjoy your tour without worrying about anything. 


It’s always a good idea to travel during off-peak season, find budget-friendly accommodation, use shared rides, travel by public transport, and eat affordable foods. Budget-friendly tours are doable, although Saudi Arabia is an expensive country for tourists. You can bargain in local markets, enjoy free activities and sightseeing, and save money using local transport. Make sure of your safety and security. You can have the best budget-friendly tour of Saudi Arabia by following these few tips.


Published By: Aize Perez

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