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How Naor Yazdan Went from the Military to Become a Model and Fitness Coach

Life is full of surprises and requires flexibility. The ability to change from one career to another and adapt to a new normal is a vital survival tool, and some people have taken it a notch higher. If you still have energy left in you, you can still serve humanity in the best way possible. Do not sit on your ability if someone still needs it. This is the inspiring journey of Naor Yazdan, who served in the military and is now a renowned model and fitness coach.

Life in the military is different from that of civilian life. Even your daily hurdles to make ends meet are nothing compared to the life of a soldier. They sometimes go for nights without sleeping and are always on the move. Members of the military have devoted their lives to serving the countries. After retiring from the military, many people prefer to stay home to enjoy their last days after their service. But Naor Yazdan is a special case, as he found a new passion and career after military service.

Naor served in the military for many years until his time was over. That was when his passion for modeling and fitness grew. Naor started as a model and soon expanded his business to fitness coaching, where he now serves clients across Israel. As we speak, Naor has helped over 10K fitness athletes get their perfect bodies. His passion for seeing people transform themselves to realize their dreams and change their appearance changed him.

However, for Naor to get into an already congested and highly competitive industry and conquer it was no walk in the park. Apart from serving in the military, Naor also had heart problems. He had to undergo heart surgery in 2019. Fortunately, he recovered well and came back even stronger. None of the challenges and problems he faced came between him and his dreams.

Naor started his business despite all odds and slowly gained traction. Through his passionate service and excellence, Naor was able to climb up the ladder in the fitness industry. He surprised many other renowned industry players, who were left wondering how a veteran could turn his life around and thrive in modeling and fitness coaching. Despite this, Naor remained focused on his goal and became a top and sought-after fitness coach.   

The unlikely veteran still has plans to expand his business empire. His success has turned his passion into an obsession, and he’s dreaming even bigger than ever. He wants to open fitness centers around the world to help even more people shape their bodies and lives. Naor is currently based in Israel, but if everything happens according to plan, his business will go global.

Naor’s story, from a military serviceman to becoming a top fitness model and instructor, is inspirational. It shows that nothing is impossible if you are determined to achieve your goals. No obstacle can stop you if you know what you want and you set out to achieve it. Naor says that everyone can overcome whatever is in their path and achieve their dream body, and helping them is what he has dedicated the rest of his life to.

Naor Yazdan is a fitness model and instructor who has made a name for himself in Israel. Before becoming a fitness model, Naor served in the military for many years. It was during this time that he developed a passion for fitness and a desire to help others achieve their fitness goals. After completing his military service, Naor decided to pursue a career as a fitness model and personal trainer.

Since then, Naor has helped over 10,000 clients get in shape and achieve their dream bodies. He has become one of the most well-known fitness athletes in Israel, with a large following on social media and a successful business helping people reach their fitness goals. However, Naor has faced his fair share of challenges along the way, including undergoing heart surgery in 2019.

Despite these challenges, Naor has remained determined and focused on his goals. He believes that anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their fitness goals with dedication and hard work. Naor shares that his ultimate goal is to open branches of his business around the world and help even more people achieve their dream bodies. His story is an inspiration to others, showing that with determination and a strong mindset, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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