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Healthy Emmie Shares Why Your Mindset Is Keeping You from Losing Weight

Losing weight can feel like an endless battle. It begins when you choose one of the hundreds of diets out there, all of whom claim to be the secret to success. Then, after a few weeks of restricting yourself, you lose a few pounds, only to have it pile back on after you resume your regular eating habits.

The truth is dieting just doesn’t work, according to an analysis conducted by researchers at UCLA. In fact, consistent dieting is a great way to predict future weight gain. So why is it that they don’t work? And what can you do to lose weight and keep it off?

“The key is changing your mindset,” says Emmie Keefe, CEO and founder of Healthy Emmie and the Slim on Starch Program. Healthy Emmie helps people lose weight on a plant-based diet through personalized coaching services. To date, it’s helped over 1,500 people lose weight and

keep it off.

The secret? A plan that focuses on the psychology of weight loss. “Many diet plans leave out the mindset piece,” says Keefe, “but my clients get all the support they need through the help of a health coach, a nutrition coach, and a mindset coach.”

Keefe’s instincts are spot on. Research from Syracuse University shows that women with a negative self-image are less likely to exercise and that believing they are overweight can actually lead to more weight gain. Weight gain can itself be the result of a negative mindset. Food is comforting, and things like emotional eating can contribute to your weight.

“Maintaining weight loss involves a complete change of diet and lifestyle, and to do that, you need to change your thinking.” Keefe considers the mindset coach a key part of her program’s success. There may still be biological factors involved—which is why a nutritionist or dietician can be an important part of a weight-loss journey. In a recent study at East Carolina University, participants who met with a professional weekly lost about five times more weight than the control group.

“Many of us need to learn how to eat properly,” says Keefe, who finds that most of her clients don’t understand how to build a healthy meal. “We spend a lot of time just teaching people what to eat and how to eat it.” In the Slim on Starch Program, this training is even more important since the diet is completely plant-based. For Keefe, that’s another key part of the weight loss journey. “A plant-based diet to me means less restrictions. By opting for healthy foods, you can eat more and still lose weight.”

On her YouTube channel, Keefe shares her tips for plant-based eating as well as the stories of her clients.

Changing our perception of ourselves and our understanding of what it means to diet can have profound impacts on our weight loss journey. With a positive mindset, we can end the war on weight loss.

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