Mompreneur Capital Empowers and Raises Women to Claim the Spotlight as Entrepreneurs

Statistics reveal that women entrepreneurs currently outnumber men in various industries. However, studies have also revealed that women are getting less funding and empowerment to become entrepreneurs than their counterparts, much more so if they are mothers. Mompreneur Capital, a company built by a woman for other women, aims to change that narrative and put women at the forefront of entrepreneurship.

Mompreneur Capital is a revolutionary company focused on enabling women to become financially independent. It aims to uplift women from all walks of life and helps them build businesses they’re passionate about from the ground up. The company recognizes that there is a gap when it comes to women’s empowerment, and it wants to fill it to create a lasting impact worldwide.

Mompreneur Capital upholds four core values: transparency, innovativeness, integrity, and satisfactory customer service.

By being transparent, Mompreneur Capital maintains an honest and open relationship with employees, customers, and partners, paving the way for healthy communication and smooth processes with anything concerning their business ventures. Innovativeness helps the company become flexible to changes and stay up-to-date with modern trends, automations, and technologies.

Furthermore, Mompreneur Capital upholds integrity because it helps them adhere to moral codes and take full responsibility for their actions. Lastly, the company aims for nothing more than to ensure a satisfactory customer service, which sets the company apart from its competition and has enabled it to own an identity, sustaining a broad customer base. 

Mompreneur Capital has played a pivotal role for women who are hungry for success and are aiming for financial independence. The company provides women with the proper tools needed to start, build, and leverage business credit to build wealth. Founder and CEO Shakera Freeman calls such tools the gateway to financial stability and independence. 

Asked why she founded Mompreneur Capital, Shakera shared that she was motivated to build a company for aspiring female entrepreneurs when she realized that she wasn’t the only one thriving and working for success and freedom. Like many, Shakera also found it challenging to find her way into entrepreneurship, especially with six kids of her own. But Shakera never allowed her circumstances to determine her future. She decided to renew her mindset instead. 

“One young lady told me how I gave her the strength and willpower to start her own daycare business and go back to college to obtain her degree. She said she saw my struggle with three kids at the time, working two jobs, and holding it down by myself. She said my transparency on social media posts made her get her sh*t together, and she only had one child,” Shakera recalled. The founder further shared another story of her high school classmate who thanked her for her business tips and direction and how Shakera inspired her to open her own business. 

“The assignment God put me on isn’t complete yet until I fulfill my purpose on earth and continue to uplift, inspire, motivate, and push women to become ‘mompreneurs,'” said Shakera. Mompreneur Capital aims to expand its horizons to help more women across the globe find their niche and establish business not only for themselves but for their families. With such a noble pursuit at heart, Mompreneur Capital will indeed cement its name down in history.

Learn more about Mompreneur Capital on its website.

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