Monday, May 23, 2022


How to Become a Contributor

Are you a thought leader in your industry and would love to share your expertise with our avid readers in New York Weekly?

We love to have you here and add you to our pool of high-quality writers who passionately write valuable and informative content to

You can create your Contributors Account by signing up in the form below. Once you created your account, you can submit your article directly to your contributor’s account dashboard. You will get a “Do-Follow” links to your website.

As our contributor, we always emphasized the importance of value and information on the content that you will be going to contribute. Before submitting your content, mind to read all the guidelines that we set for talented and passionate writers like you. We want a valuable and informative content for our readers, so submit the best that you can offer.


  1. We preferred content with at least 700 words to infinite.
  2. We want to publish original content for our readers. Content that has been posted on different platforms will not be accepted.
  3. Resources like facts, tables, quotes, and the likes should be cited appropriately. If the resources are available online, provide the links in your content.
  4. It is your duty to proofread your content before submitting.
  5. Do not include your own images. We will provide images from Shutterstock to ensure copyright clearance.
  6. Always provide Valuable and Informative LINKS to our readers. Any links that tend to advertise products, services, or business will be deleted. We allow our writers to include up to 4 helpful links in the article. If possible, link other related content in TheNYweekly in your article to improve the quality of your content. Any links that may tend to advertise will be removed by our editor with their discretion.

Note:Since we received volumes of contributors request in NYweekly, your request may be catered as soon as we have done with those who submitted their request earlier. This may take up to 7 days for your article to be approved and published.

In case you didn’t hear from us, please email us at and one of our editors will help you to move forward. Press released content will not be accepted in

Editorial’s Choice

You have the option to submit an article without creating your Contributor’s Account in NYWeekly by sending your pitch content to Once you meet the standards we set above, expect our team to contact you within 7 days.