Caleb Terzian on Becoming a Top Social Media Manager for Brands and Companies

Social media has changed how businesses interact with their customers and client base. However, each social media platform is governed by a different algorithm, and content performs differently depending on the platform or type of media. With several factors to keep in mind, entrepreneurs may have difficulty creating, managing, and maintaining social media pages for their brands. Luckily, social media managers like Caleb Terzian make it easier for entrepreneurs to focus their time and energy on their brands while he handles their business’ online presence. Handing these responsibilities to an expert in social media analytics helps brands project a solid online image while reaching more clients and forming better relationships with their audience. 

Caleb Terzian is a Social Media Manager and Brand Manager. Currently, he manages the social media presence of a travel booking agency based in California, a TV media company in Holland, and several hotels and private villas. He also works with several private clients who wish to have a better and more streamlined online space. 

Caleb is highly adept at anticipating trends and navigating the algorithms and analytics for his client’s content and audience. As a result, the pages he owns and manages reach a billion people yearly across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. His quick adaptability to trends and ability to understand a brand’s audience make his work stand out. 

Caleb Terzian’s success as a Social Media Manager may surprise many since he is only 19 years old. But for Caleb, being young is not a hindrance to anyone who truly wishes to do the hard work required to succeed in life. At 14 years old, he worked part-time at VIP Venues (a wedding venue decorating service). During his time with this company, he learned how to communicate and build productive client relationships. He said, “I have always been interested in putting my client’s needs first. I take great pride in giving them a 100% satisfaction rate.”

This client-centered mindset stayed with Caleb as he transitioned from venue decorator to social media brand manager. At 15 years old, he ran a successful travel page with thousands of followers. He soon started taking on clients and managing their social media platforms. “I was able to help them grow their follower count and generate high-quality engagement for their content,” Caleb shared. His expertise grew as he dedicated more years to this emerging industry.

Young as Caleb Terzian is, he appreciates the value of hard work. Caleb cites his mother as the inspiration for the work ethic he has cultivated for himself. “My mother would prepare all the food for the family in the mornings. She would pack all our lunches before breakfast and then head off to work. After school, she would come home to look after myself and my three siblings. My father worked from home, and I saw their teamwork in raising us.” With parents like his, Caleb was exposed to a professional and balanced work ethic early in life.

“My parents taught me that I could achieve all the goals I set for myself with initiative and effort. I believe that to be true, especially with all the resources available to us now through the internet,” Caleb shared, “No one taught me how to become a social media manager, but I was interested in it; I did my research and applied what I learned to the first social media pages I owned. If you stay disciplined in your efforts, it will all pay off.”

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