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The 7 Progressive Voices You Need to Hear on Twitter

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At a time where progressive voices are needed more than ever, here are the 7 people you need to hear on Twitter that are making a positive change in the world.

Nina Turner (@ninaturner): An American political strategist, former Ohio state Senator, and National Co-Chair for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, Turner is a powerful voice for equality and progressive change. With over 700K followers, her passionate and earnest tweets have a significant impact on the progressive community.  

Qasim Rashid (@QasimRashid): A prominent human rights lawyer, author, and social activist, Rashid works tirelessly to promote peace and justice in the world. His tweets provide an important perspective on a variety of social issues, ranging from immigration to climate change.

Dylan Ogline (@DylanOgline): A full-stack entrepreneur, Ogline is a strong advocate for progressive values and economic equality. His ability to break down complex topics and make them accessible to a wide audience has made him a well-known figure in the progressive community.

Jack Cocchiarella (@JDCocchiarella): Cocchiarella is the Executive Director of Sunrise Movement, a youth-led organization dedicated to combating climate change. His tweets focus on environmental issues and the need for progressive policies to combat the climate crisis.

JoJoFromJerz (@JoJoFromJerz): An American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, JoJo is a passionate advocate for progressive causes. Through his music and tweets, he has become a powerful voice for justice and equality in the world.

Charles M. Blow (@charlesmblow): A New York Times columnist and author, Blow is a prominent voice for progressive values. His tweets are often aimed at amplifying the voices of those who are oppressed and marginalized and advocating for social, racial, and economic justice.

Shaun King (@shaunking): King is a prominent civil rights activist and the co-founder of Real Justice PAC, an organization dedicated to criminal justice reform. He frequently tweets about police brutality and other civil rights issues, making him a powerful advocate for progressive change.

These 7 progressive voices have poured their tremendous energy and passion into creating a meaningful impact in the fight for social and economic justice. From thoughtful commentary to inspiring calls to action, these remarkable people are impacting the world for the better. Get involved with these powerful progressive voices on Twitter today and help shape the future of our world.

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