An American Success Story: How Premium Spirits PinkKitty And EasyRhino Are Changing the Game.

Written by: Tedfuel

The magic of seduction is a feeling we all crave; The intimacy and dynamism that go along with it have propelled our entire species forward for thousands of years. It´s no secret: we all wish to seduce, and be seduced.

Social interactions play a big role when it comes to setting the stage for a successful intimate connection, as most great stories of passion begin at gatherings, when two people´s eyes meet and lock into one another feeling a spark that cannot be hidden or denied. In most cases, when we get together, we drink and drinking certain spirits is in fact, part of a ritual that enables us to lower our inhibitions and go after our desired partner.

Robert J. Tushinsky, an accomplished American entrepreneur tells the story of how his father – who introduced the electronics brand Sony to the United States –  used to spend his time fashioning a special beverage that he would only offer to his closest friends and associates. He called it ´Fruitka´and unbeknownst to him, this endeavor would become the beginning of his son´s life long journey to perfect and share this special drink with the world.

From Robert´s passion and entrepreneurial drive, the company 2XL Swagger brands was born. Today, its two main products – PinkKitty and EasyRhino – have become consumer tested favorites thanks to the authenticity and uncompromising commitment to quality that the popular ancient herb-infused his and hers vodkas have become synonymous with.

The magic is not only in the flavor, but also in the unique properties that the herbal infusions provide to these fine liqueurs.

We aren’t selling another boring spirit with zero functional benefits, nor are we selling another sexual enhancement product; We are selling something much more desirable than sex. We are selling something we all crave…which is intimacy and romance.” -Mr. Tushinsky states.

We reached out to the man himself and asked him some questions so that our readers can attain a deeper understanding of why these two rebellious, seductive brands have become known around the country for changing the game.

Here is what Robert shared with us:

How has the recipe for PinkKitty and EasyRhino evolved over time since the original ‘Fruitka’ was created by your father?

Well, my father I’m assuming, because no one knew how or where he got his recipe way back in the 60’s, just started experimenting with his favorite fruit flavors and the herbal ingredients suggested to him through his many business travels to Japan and Taiwan. After I had discovered the “magic” to dad’s fruitka, for about twenty-five years I was just familiarizing myself with herbs while experimenting just as he did but when I founded 2XL Swagger Brands in 2012, I began to work with some of the top herbalists around the country and it was them who created the herbal blends found in PinkKitty and EasyRhino today.

What was the selection process like when choosing the perfect blend of ingredients and flavors for each of the beverages?

After coming up with “our own magic” I began to work with popular mixologists in Austin and our distillery partners who have over 100 years of distilling experience between the three of them. Over the course of three years, we must have developed dozens if not over fifty flavorful fruit blends to infuse with the herbal elixirs.

We then spent several months hosting “tasting parties” which basically ended up being our focus groups that helped us to determine which recipe was the one we’d launch the brands with. Pomegranate, Peach infused with five botanicals for PinkKitty and Vanilla, Cinnamon and Blood Orange with seven herbs for EasyRhino. The rest is history.

What is the driving force behind your company´s mission?

Our goal at 2XL Swagger Brands is to enhance each moment couples connect, to help them unbridle their inhibitions…to heighten their experience.

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